Adventure Sports In Zanskar And Zanskar Adventure Activities Guide

The best and famous trekking routes that will leave you speechless by offering an incredible experience. The Zanskar river trek and chadar trek is one of the most adventurous sports treks and is loved by travel enthusiasts. In summers, the river offers a spellbinding and glowing view while winters bring an ultimate trekking way over the frozen river. Ladakh Zanskar trekking promises to take you somewhere you are destined for.

Adventure Sports In Zanskar Trek is one of the most spellbinding Adventure Sports in the Indian Himalayan region that attracts mountain lovers as well as explorers from all over the world. Both Ladakh and Zanskar are well-known for displaying a vivid picture of the ancient Indo – Tibetan settlements. Traces of some ancient palaces, gompas and monasteries expose the diorama of the kingdom of Zanskar, which once dominated the region. Trekking in remote Zanskar requires sound mountaineering skills. Once you step into the isolated terrain, thereafter, at every turn you will come across surprises. The journey is filled with a good deal of adventure, passing through deep gorges formed by the River Zanskar, slithery and tricky moraines and narrow ridges.

Adventure Rafting in Zanskar:
Rafting in Zanskar is one of the most popular adventure sports in Zanskar. The rivers of this region are fed by melting snow from the mighty Himalayas and this, coupled with breath-taking views of mountains on either side, makes the Zanskar rafting experience one of the most enjoyable in the world. Rafting in Zanskar is a spectacular thrill-a-minute ride and is an item on the bucket list of many a rafting enthusiast. This is a voluminous river with an impressive amount of water and provides some adrenaline-pumping rapids scattered all over the route. As you go Zanskar rafting, depending on the route you choose, you'll pass desert-like landscape, go through ancient valleys with rock walls that are 100 feet high in some places, and past villages stuck in time.

Adventure Trekking In Zanskar:
Apart from river rafting, trekking also attracts a huge number of adventure lovers to these lands. Trekking is the best adventure sports in Zanskar. Zanskar has some of the highest mountain passes in the country.The trek routes through them and are enthralling, but trekking here requires an ability to take immense physical strain. The most famous trek route is named Chadar Ice Trek. The trek is carried out on the frozen Zanskar River during the winter season. You will have to take extra precautions and clothing as you will be literally walking over ice.

Best time for rafting in Zanskar
Between June to late August, the water levels are high and hence these are best months for Zanskar rafting. The water is always cold, but with the cloudless skies and warm sun during these months, you'll be better off. During peak winter months, the Zanskar river freezes over completely, and becomes the location for the iconic Chadar trek.

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