Adventure Sports In Palolem And Palolem Adventure Activities Guide

Palolem Beach is probably one of the most gorgeous destination of South Goa and generally famous among foreign tourists who flock here often. The tranquil surroundings makes an ecstatic setting for indulging in an occasional stroll or just appreciate this amazing landscape. The beach remains packed with shacks, hawkers, restaurants, and eating outlets occupying the one mile long shore in crescent shape. Dolphins are also sighted here, so just keep your fingers crossed to witness this spectacular mammal playing amidst the blue waves of Arabian Sea.
Some of the adventure sports in Palolem that you can enjoy.

Adventure Dolphin Sighting in Palolem:
To watch these fun-loving creatures frolicking and exploring water at their best is a special moment to spend with family or friends. Palolem beach is some of the popular spots for dolphin watching in Goa. Filled with fun and enthusiasm, dolphin watching adventure sports in Palolem is one of the most popular activities among tourists. Travelers can engage in the fun expedition of dolphin watching along the full 110 km stretch of coastal Goa. To witness such an enduring spectacle offered by adorable dolphins is a unique experience for the visitors from all across the world. The synchronized twirls and dynamic bodily movements of the dolphins are known for casting an enchanting spell on the tourists. Apart from getting enticed, people can experience the surreal feeling of watching these dolphins dance along with the waves.

Adventure Kayaking in Palolem:
"Long canoe like boats stretched on the sand" is what one can observe while entering the pristine Palolem Beach. Kayaking is the most exciting adventure sports in Palolem. These boats seen on the beach are basically used for an water sport activity known as Kayaking, which involves the use of paddles to roe a boat in water.

Adventure Boat Rides in Palolem:
"Frequent boating trips" is yet another feature that can be commonly observed when one enters the picturesque adventure sports in Palolem Beach. Now, these rides are basically provided to give tourists the opportunity to visit isolated beaches such Honeymoon and Butterfly. Furthermore, it also facilitates a tourist with the ideal chance to spot a dolphin in the Arabian Sea. The boat used for these rides are quite long and consists of about eight seats.





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