Adventure Sports In Bheemeshwari And Bheemeshwari Adventure Activities Guide

Activities in Bheemeshwari destination is located at a distance of about 100 km from the capital city of Bangalore. You can indulge in ample adventure activities such as trekking, kayaking, river rafting, rope walking. In addition, the visitors can take part in a famous fish game ‘Mahseer Fishing’. Adventure Sports In Bheemeshwari is home to more than 200 varieties of birds and animals. The River Cauvery is hardly what one would call tame. Its course includes gorges, waterfalls, rapids, dense forests and much more. The Bheemeshwari Adventure to this majestic river. A wonderful mix of delightful nature and wild adventure. It is also an adventure sports hotspot where activities such as water rafting, kayaking, ziplining, mountain biking etc are conducted. Activities in Bheemeshwari destination is famous for its mahseer fish that can weigh over 100 lb. And local experts will be more than happy to guide you through the hidden natural wonders of Bheemeshwari during your stay.

Adventure Trekking In Bheemeshwari
Adventure Sports In Bheemeshwari is a great place for trekking and sightseeing as it is blessed with immense natural beauty and spectacular landscape.

Adventure Kayaking & River Rafting In Bheemeshwari
A host of activities in Bheemeshwari destination that include Kayaking, river rafting, trekking and rope walking await you at Bheemeshwari Adventure camp, Karnataka, which also allows night stays at the jungle lodges, where you can wake up to sounds of over 200 species of exotic birds and an amazing variety of animals.

Adventure Camping In Bheemeshwari
The Camping is most well known for Mahseer fishing, the largest game fish known to man. Activities in Bheemeshwari destination enough of watching people fish, how about giving it a shot yourself? If you’re in search of some adventure trips in South India during monsoon, Bheemeshwari is the place for you.

Adventure Wildlife Safari In Bheemeshwari
Adventure Sports In Bheemeshwari is a popular destination in the south, known for its fishing camps and wildlife sanctuary. Located on the banks of the River Cauvery and in the middle of dense forests, Bheemeshwari is a nature lover’s paradise. Surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque hill tops, it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations near Bangalore. You just can’t help loving the scenic green expanse of Bheemeshwari. To add to the beauty, the area is flush with over 200 species of birds and a host of wild animals such as jackals, spotted deer, elephants and leopards. Oh, and did mention the elusive grizzled giant squirrel? If you have never tried fishing, this is the time to try it out.





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