Adventure Sports In Jim Corbett National Park And
Jim Corbett National Park Adventure Activities Guide

Jim Corbett National Park is an eminent national park of India. It is positioned in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. The park has the honor of being the first national park in Asia. It stretches across 512 square kilometers of marshy and mountainous expanses. Two gorgeous rivers Ramganga and Kosi offer a new stature to Corbett's exquisiteness.

Corbett national park is a second name of escapade. An adventure freak can enjoy here many hair rousing activities like safaris, bridge slithering, fishing and angling and river rafting. This protected area is the dream destination of all adventure hunters. One can say that Corbett is the superlative mishmash of loveliness, adventure, wildlife and fun.
Some of the adventure sports in Jim Corbett National Park that you can enjoy.

Adventure Wildlife Safar in Jim Corbett National Park:
Corbett National Park is a prominent tourist destination and it is filled with rich flora and fauna. Being home to around 488 different species of plants and animals, Corbett is visited by nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers throughout the year. During your stay in this famous park, you can attempt to catch a glimpse of the animals by jungle safari. There are five safari zones with Dhela being a new eco-tourism zone. Corbett is a huge national park covering 520 square kilometres of area; one can venture to every corners of the park through the different zones.

Wildlife Safari is amazing adventure sports in Jim Corbett National Park. Dhikala zone is the largest and is highly recommended for wildlife enthusiasts. The zone is known to be home to many animals such as tigers. Bijrani zone is another very popular tourist hub and it is located only a kilometre from Ramnagar city. Jhirna zone is opened throughout the year (depending on weather condition in the monsoon season) and is located 16 km from Ramnagar. Another prominent zone of Corbett National Park is Durga Devi, which is popular for bird watching and is located 36 km from the city. Even though Sitabani Zone doesn't fall under the Corbett Tiger Reserve area, it is an ideal place to visit while in the park especially if you are a nature lover. This zone is adorned with serene ambiance and the buffer area is also opened throughout the year.

Adventure Nature Walk in Jim Corbett National Park:
An amazing experience for the Nature lovers, the Nature walk or the Trekking in the forest is organized by the expert guides in the nearby dense forest of Corbett is one of the most sought-after adventure sports in Jim Corbett National Park. The enchanting surroundings of a tranquil forest with the soothing chirping sounds of the birds and occasional sounds of wild animals' make the trekking very peaceful to mind yet an adventurous activity. Refresh your mind and body with the Jungle Trek in the morning and feel the captivating effect of raw Nature.

Adventure Cycling in Jim Corbett National Park:
Cycling amidst the raw Nature on the forest track or on the dusty track besides agriculture land has its own charm. Cycling adventure sports in Jim Corbett National Park is pretty famous among kids and young visitors, which is quite adventurous in the quiet and tranquil forest. Spending time in the closeness of Nature and the chance of viewing the village landscape while cycling through the villages are very enriching and exciting.

Adventure Birding in Jim Corbett National Park:
The forest of the Corbett Park is known for being the home to hundreds of species of domestic as well as migratory birds. The forest is like a paradise for the bird lovers so the bird-loving tourists will get a lot of chances to enjoy the birding while in Corbett. Go for the birding with your camera to capture the exotic beauty of avifauna while on Nature walk amidst the dense beautiful forest of Corbett.

Adventure River Rafting in Jim Corbett National Park:
River Rafting on the Kosi River that flows beside the Corbett National Park is the adventure activity one can indulge in while on the Corbett tour. However, the rafting in the Kosi is not as thrilling as the rafting in other popular rivers like in the Ganga River but you will enjoy this adventure sports in Jim Corbett National Park. The river rafting in the Kosi River can be done only in the Monsoon season when the water level in the river is high.

Adventure Rope Slithering in Jim Corbett National Park:
Rope slithering from the old suspension bridge built on Kosi River in the Corbett National Park is really a thrilling experience for the adventure seekers. The activity involves the jumping from the bridge in the Kosi River by slithering on the rope which is tied to the participant's body. This bridge is located near the Garjia Temple at the serene and peaceful location. Rope Slithering is one of the thrilling adventure sports in Jim Corbett National Park. The activity is organized and monitored by the expert adventure service provider keeping all the necessary safety measure on top so that you will have a memorable experience.

Adventure River Crossing in Jim Corbett National Park:
River Crossing is the next activity in the line of adventure sports in Jim Corbett National Park which is organized at the bank of the Kosi River. This activity is a group adventure activity which involves crossing the river in a group by taking the help of the rope. The rope is tied strongly at both banks of the river and participants have to cross the river by holding the rope and walking in the river water. The activity is done under the guidance of the experts.

Adventure Body Surfing in Jim Corbett National Park:
Flowing freely with the current of the river is a relaxing and exciting adventure sports in Jim Corbett National Park. This activity is organized in Kichadi River a small hilly river flowing nearby the Corbett Park. The river has crystal clear water stream and smooth edges, and considered best for organizing the body surfing activity. This water game is organized under the expert's supervision so considered safe for family or school children or any other groups.

Adventure Bridge Slithering in Jim Corbett National Park:
Bridge slithering is an enthralling adventure in which an adventurer has to slide from a bridge into the river. Slithering is done with the help of a rope. A harness secures the adventurer while sliding down.

Bridge Slithering is a preferred adventure sports in Jim Corbett National Park. It is highly popular in the Kosi River. The adventurer jumps from the Jhula Bridge, into the Kosi River. A kayak or the supporting staff waits below the bridge for the adventurer. It is advisable to carry some extra clothes if someone is going to perform this adventure.

Adventure Fishing & Angling in Jim Corbett National Park:
Corbett National Park is no less than an Eden for those who love fishing and angling. Ramganga and Kosi rivers offer an ample of opportunities for this recreational adventure sports in Jim Corbett National Park.. In Corbett, a freak of fishing can easily find Goonch, Silver and black Mahseer. Although, fishing is not permitted inside the park premises, one can enjoy this game in the nearby areas of the park. Best time for fishing in the areas around Corbett is from March to early June and then from end of September to late October. This time may vary due to rain.

Adventure Rock Climbing in Jim Corbett National Park:
Rock climbing is an adventure sport where the adventurers climb up and cross a rock formation. The adventure freaks undertake rock climbing to reach the uppermost point the rock without falling down. When a tourist is in Corbett, apart from animal and bird watching, he can try this exhilarating sport of rock climbing. Despite the fact that rock climbing is a treacherous activity and requires patience and physical strength, it creates lots of stimulation, and adrenaline rush. Corbett draws a good number of sport aficionados, especially for rock climbing.

The pebbly cliffs of the Himalayas offer an exhilarating challenge to the adventure freaks and the rock climbing freaks. The scenic landscape of Himalayas sets it as a dreamland for all climbers. Autumn and summers are the best times for rock climbing adventure sports in Jim Corbett National Park. This region also has a number of Rock Climbing clubs that offer training and assistance.

Adventure Mountain Biking in Jim Corbett National Park:

Mountain biking is an adventure activity in which an adventurer rides the bicycle off road, generally in the rough topographies. A specially designed bicycle is used for mountain biking. Mountain biking trips target to explore the Corbett panorama through the tour based on adventure amid nature.

Mountain biking is one such exciting adventure sports in Jim Corbett National Park. The feather on the hat is added by the introduction of mountain biking along with night camps, short treks and wildlife based modules to offer a deep exposure to the assorted parts of Corbett landscape. The adventurers ride bicycles along mild routes through rural areas and the countryside with a few slightly challenging routes in the woodland, camp along forestry streams, or close to old temples, discovers flora and fauna in the thick wilds of the Corbett area.





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