Adventure Sports In Solang Valley And Solang Valley Adventure Activities Guide

Solang Valley, locally known as Solang Nullah, derives its name from a combination of the words Solang (nearby village) and Nullah (water stream). It's a popular tourist destination. It offers great views of the surrounding glaciers as well as of the splendid valley lying between Solang and Beas Kund. The valley is also home to a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, located on top of a hill. Hidimba Temple and Raha Waterfalls are other attractions nearby that one can visit. The start of international skiing competitions like the Alpine Premier League has made the valley very popular among foreign tourists.

Solang boasts of a state of the art rope-way that is a favorite with the tourists, and an exciting and convenient way to view the valley. It is popular worldwide for its lush greenery, apple orchards, snow-capped peaks, lakes, and, most importantly, the adventure activities it offers. Solang has some great slopes of green and is accessible throughout the year, thus making it possible to take part in a variety of adventure activities.
Some of the adventure sports in Solang Valley that you can enjoy.

Adventure Paragliding in Solang Valley:
Of all the adventure sports in Solang Valley in summer, paragliding is the most thrilling experience to indulge in. With two jump stations – one on a low and other on a higher level, this adventure lets you fly like a bird quite literally.

Adventure Zorbing in Solang Valley:
Along with Paragliding in solang valley you can enjoy other adventure activities also like zorbing. Thrill seekers will love zorbing which includes two individuals superman-plunging into the ball, getting strapped in, up close and personal, and zorbing down slope.

Viewing the zorbonauts chuckle and shout their way down the run where the sky and grass mix into one obscure of thrill. Nothing can entirely depict the impression of tearing down a slope in a ball, yet that is the thing that makes zorbing so special! In Solang this is only one the numerous exercises.

Adventure Quad Biking in Solang Valley:
What makes summer more fun in Solang is the thrilling experience of riding an ATV, which anyone can do. Quad Biking is the most exciting adventure sports in Solang Valley. From being driven along with a trained driver to riding the bike on your own or with your loved ones, it is the perfect thing to do if you believe in pushing your limits.

Adventure Cable Car Ropeway in Solang Valley:
The link auto at Solang Valley is the main rope route in Kullu and Manali, which is getting increasingly prominent nowadays. The majority of the sightseers, the individuals who visit Solang Valley never miss to take a ride in the rope way/link auto.

The organization which works this, is running a decent eatery at the most noteworthy purpose of the rope way, where one can appreciate the nourishment in a delightful encompassing.

Adventure Camping in Solang Valley:
Curling up in a cozy tent pitched right in the middle of lush green meadows is one of the best adventure sports in Solang Valley in summer. From snuggling in a sleeping bag like a backpacker to relaxing on queen size beds at different altitudes, you can have all kinds of experiences here.

Adventure Skiing in Solang Valley:
You can enjoy the skiing as well as go for paragliding in himachal which understood for its ski slants and inexhaustible snow in the winter; Solang Valley is without a doubt a standout amongst the most lovely valleys in India. It is the ideal spot to spend your winter excursion in, getting a charge out of the absolute most looked for after experience exercises, such as skiing, paragliding, zorbing and the sky is the limit from there.

This spot is rich in history and has an awesome assortment of greenery for the nature partners. From Solang you can see snow – topped crests, for example, Mount Ladakhi, Mount Hanumn Tibba, Mount Shitidhar and Mount Friendship.

Adventure Snowmobiling in Solang Valley:
Also known as sledding, this is one activity that literally lets you float over the snow and have fun in it like a kid. You can ride it across and even take a Solang Valley sightseeing tour on it. And just in case if you've done this activity a zillion times before, this place can the best playground for you.

Adventure Horse riding in Solang Valley:
Riding a horseback goes back to the time immemorial. Once the most old method of transport is currently accessible just as a delight ride and one of the spots to enjoy this adventure sports in Solang Valley. Under guided security, the horseride is sheltered, likewise for the littler ones.

There are a few horseriding trails for more or shorter excursions. A most loved course is the mountain trail to the Shiva sanctuary which is developed the slope, at the base of an extensive waterfall.

Adventure Winter Skiing Festival in Solang Valley:
If there is anything else that'll let you witness or experience everything that this gorgeous valley offers, it is attending the yearly Winter Skiing Festival. The land of snow becomes the playground for all the skiers, and activities like zorbing, horse riding, and snow motor biking can also be enjoyed adventure sports in Solang Valley.





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