Adventure Sports In Naukuchiatal And Naukuchiatal Adventure Activities Guide

Naukuchiatal, a pretty lake village is a terminus for those who seek quietude and tranquillity beneath the shades of thebeautiful nature. It's a popular beautiful destination. The clement weather throughout the year, and several other attractions like lakes and temples makes the trip a beguiling experience. Enjoy the lovely and pretty lakes in and around Nainital. Take a tour to the famed NainiLake and other beautiful lakes in the area. Abounded with flowers, trees and green meadows in the midst of heavenly Himalayan surroundings, Ranikhet is temptingly gorgeous. Take a walk through its famous orchards and ancient temples. Go for a heritage walk to the model village established by 'The Man eaters of Kumaon'author Jim Corbett. Enjoy the fun and ecstasy angling in Bhimtal, after taking some relevant tips from our veteran instructor on art of angling. A moderate hike down to the Gahana Village, lead you through small villages chockfull of apple and plum orchards. Naukuchiatal has many activities for adventure lovers.
Some of the adventure sports in Naukuchiatal that you can enjoy.

Adventure Paragliding in Naukuchiatal:
Paragliding is 5-10 minutes of flying and the glider is controlled by a trained pilot. The experience is the closets one can get to feel like a bird. It taking wings and soaring with the birds takes your fancy, paragliding is available at Naukuchiatal. Naukuchiatal is 23 Kms, away from Nainital. It is a beautiful nine-cornered lake, which is also ideal for fishing and migratory bird-watching. Paragliding in Bhimtal valley situated in the Himalayan state of uttarakhand has become a fast growing adventure activity place that is drawing adventure seekers from all across.

Adventure Trekking in Naukuchiatal:
Trekking is an adventure sports in Naukuchiatal which involves walking through wild and unexplored territory. This short trek will provide an insight into the beautiful and picturesque jungles surrounding Nainital. Leave your automated life for a day; come and explore the wilderness with a short trekking trip. Fill your memories with freshness and experience the thrill of trekking in the wild.It is breathtakingly beautiful and is a perfect getaway for adventure activities like Trekking and Hiking. The seven lakes Panna, Nal Damyanti, Purna, Sita, Ram, Laxman and Sukha are interconnected and home to several migratory birds.

Adventure Wildlife Spotting in Naukuchiatal:
Spotting Wildlife in Bhimtal is a great opportunity for the adventure lovers. Do not miss the great chance of viewing wild animals from a safe distance, while roaming around in jungle area. There is a probability of locating animals like Leopard and Dears which are roaming freely in the Jungles. The jungles surrounding Bhimtal have many other incredible varieties of wild animals.If you love to see the fluttering feathery folks, this activity is tailor-made for you. Head to the twin lakes of Sattal and Bhimtal in Uttarakhand with this activity and get a chance to spot and click a myriad of bird species. The lakes are the abode of several exotic birds like Babblers, Sunbird, The Red Billed Magpie, Warblers, Minivets, Colourful Barbets, etc. The lakes are circumscribed by dense forests that shelters more than 400 different species of resident and migratory birds.

Adventure Horse Riding in Naukuchiatal:
Horse Riding is the most exciting adventure sports in Naukuchiatal. Horse riding is an enthralling experience for all and if it is done in India, it comes with incredible rewards. Our country's diversity offers interesting terrains where the experience of horse riding can be exhilarating. Taking the Kuchha Pakka (Paved, Unpaved) trails that may include narrow ridges, steep ascends or descends; sandy beaches or may be large grazing grounds, horseback riding in India is an exciting activity. So, if you are someone looking for some real thrill you can stop by these top ten places in India that prove to be ideal for horse riding

Adventure Mountain Biking in Naukuchiatal:
The great Himalayas of the Kumaon region are one of the scenic mountain bike tracks in India, with huge terrace fields across the lush mountains. Apart from pilgrimage places, there are various beautiful places that are must watch if you are travelling to Uttarakhand and can be best explored through mountain biking. Biking in Kumaon can bring you closer to this place. It can help you in closely observing the naturally beautiful Kumaon, its people and culture. Mountain biking around the flat lands of Almora can be relaxing and pleasing. Moving ahead to Bageshwar, an ancient jungle and along the Gomati River, you can have a stay nearside the river and enjoy camping on the way. Further, moving on to Kausani, you will find a steeper land. From there you can have a bike trip to Someshwar and Ranikhet, both these places are best to discover the countless orchards and the botanical gardens. You can ride to Corbett Park from here and then visit Kaladungi, once residence of Lt Col. Jim Corbett. After an overnight stay, you will reach Chorgalia, the ending point of the tour. Mountain biking is one such exciting adventure sports in Naukuchiatal.





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