Adventure Sports In Jaisalmer And Jaisalmer Adventure Activities Guide

Rajasthan has always been the centre of attention for people who have a keen interest in culture, history, art and lifestyle. Almost every single city, town, and village in this land of kings carries a heritage of its own, something no other state or country can beat. The best adventure sports in Jaisalmer include, camping in the desert in Joggan, which is 42 kilometres from Jaisalmer, you can go dune bashing in Sam sand dunes, and not to mention parasailing in the Thar! Riding a horse or going on a desert camel safari on the countryside will make you see the place in a whole new light, as well as a guided jeep safari in the state. You can even try for zip lining, body zorbing, archery etc adventure sports in Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer, a former princely state of Rajasthan is famously known as the Golden City of India because of the golden tinge in the texture of the land in this place.

Visiting a place isn't about sightseeing anymore, the adventure activities simply add to the charm of the place and make your trip so much more enjoyable and memorable. Jaisalmer, rich with its heritage and cultural lineage will entice you both with its beauty and all the adventure sports in Jaisalmer you can get your hands on while in this Golden City. The city is best visited with your family and friends, adventures are always best enjoyed when you have company!

Adventure Paramotoring in Jaisalmer:
Located in the heart of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is a paradise for outdoor adventure sports. Paramotoring is an amazing activity that allows you to fly over the dunes of the desert in your very own open, simple, personal aircraft! The paramotor is a backpack-type ultra-light aircraft that is unique, hassle-free and extremely safe. Unlike paragliding, you're not jumping off a high cliff but simply taking off from the ground. The trainers are skilled and highly qualified. They will make sure you're comfortable enough to make the most of this experience. Paramotoring is an amazing adventure sports in Jaisalmer. The team will take pictures of you as you glide through the air like a desert bird. You'll be at a safe enough height and still be able to enjoy amazing views of the desert from an angle you've never seen it before.

Adventure The Desert National Park Safaris in Jaisalmer:
Safaris are a great way to see amazing animals in their natural habitat and when the safari is in the desert it is even more special. Just to see these organisms living in these harsh conditions is an amazing experience. Covering an area of 3162 sq km, the Desert National Park is one of the largest national parks. It is the perfect model for desert flora and fauna. The park consists of fixed dunes, compact salt lake bottoms, and craggy rocks. The vegetation is meager with cactus and patches of grass. Home to some of the native wildlife and migratory and resident birds, this park represents an exceptional ecosystem. Blackbuck, desert fox, chinkara, hare, Indian fox and the desert cat are some of the common animals that can be seen in the park. The birdlife here is remarkable with partridges, sandgrouse, bee-eaters, shrikes and larks. There are also eagles, vultures, falcons, etc.

Adventure Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer:
If you've always wanted to try dune bashing, but you thought you'll have to travel all the way to the Gulf for it you thought wrong. Now you can cruise through the soft sands of the Thar Desert when you visit Jaisalmer. Dune Bashing is a popular adventure sports in Jaisalmer. The Sam Dunes are popular among tourists and adventure buffs for its sea of sand and a gentle breeze that provides the perfect conditions for dune bashing, desert safaris, and other desert activities. Though you're safely fastened inside a 4 x 4, you'll feel the thrill and exhilaration of rafting through the sand with its pits and falls almost as if you were in the middle of the stormy seas. Add dune bashing at Sam Dunes to your Jaisalmer itinerary and as you enjoy this roller coaster ride with shimmering sand all around you, you'll find new meaning to the phrase 'The Golden City'.

Adventure Camel Safari in Jaisalmer:
When on a quest for adventure sports in Jaisalmer; camel rides are the most obvious but also one of the most thrilling options. When visiting Rajasthan and Jaisalmer in particular, Sam Dunes is an important part of that journey. This area lies at the edge of the Desert National Park and is considered one of the most popular places to visit in Jaisalmer. Even if you try the faster activities like dune bashing, you can't truly enjoy the purity of the desert till you experience it with a camel safari. When one thinks of the desert, the first thing that pops into your mind is the camel. Now you can get to ride these amazing beings in their natural habitat. You'll be sitting in a safe saddle as the camel handler leads you into the desert. Your friendly camel will slowly take you across the sand dunes in gentle rocking movements, as you take photographs (or simply take in the beauty) of the golden sea all around you.

Adventure Desert Camping in Jaisalmer:
Going to Jaisalmer and spending time among the beautiful sand dunes is an outstanding experience, especially when you stay in a Swiss desert tent which provides privacy with comfort in an undisturbed environment. Jaisalmer desert camps cater an unforgettable experience. The desert camp in Jaisalmer experience is highly recommended for vacationers and newly married couples who want to stay away from the typical commotion of the city. The Jaisalmer desert camps are laid out in the middle of the desert in a semi-circular way. Many recreational activities such as programs by local folk singers and musicians keep the guests entertained. You can also enjoy the traditional cuisine of Rajasthan and go for other adventure activities like desert safari, dirt bike etc. during the camp stay.

Adventure Visit Indo-Pak Border in Jaisalmer:
After a spiritual visit to the Tanot Mat Mandir and the museum, you can make it to the Indo-Pak Border and witness the international borderline between India and Pakistan. However, before visiting the border, one needs to get proper documentations and permissions from the Indian Millitary and the local authority.





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