Adventure Sports In Bikaner And Bikaner Adventure Activities Guide

This north Indian state of Rajasthan is to the east of the border adjoining Pakistan. The beauty of Bikaner is the Thar Desert and the amazingly stunning golden sand dunes. This city is colourful and vibrant and offers a plethora of places to visit in Bikaner. The rich cultural heritage is associated with Bikaner since its establishment in the year 1488 AD. Rao Bika Ji, a Rajput prince who was a great warrior, developed the city. The city is well admired for its ancient temples, remains of Harappan culture, massive forts, palaces and much more. You will also find the ornate architecture and buildings standing alone from the 16th-century.

Bikaner has been a favourite for vacationers from all over the world. They come here to see the local markets, rich heritage, cultural sites, Thar deserts and to experience the civilization that has remains since Harappan era. Some of the prominent places to visit in Bikaner are Junagarh Fort, Prachina Museum, Karni Mata Temple, Gajner Palace, sand dunes safari, Rampuriahaveli, Bhandasar Jain temple, The Royal Cenotaphs, Lalgarh Palace, Kote Gate, Shiv Bari temple, Kodamdeshwar temple and much more.

All types of travellers who come to Bikaner for holidays like these spots. Moreover, depending on the taste and what you wish to explore, you can even customize your tour to Bikaner, for example, desert safari tour, heritage tour or maybe pilgrimage tour etc. Bikaner imposes great architecture and boasts a strong finesse of the Rajput civilization in its heritage buildings and palaces. Look at few best heritage and pilgrimage spots in Bikaner.

Adventure Bikaner Camel Safari in Bikaner:
Going on a desert camel safari in Bikaner has been a popular way for travellers to explore this small, but amazing town. The grainy yet smooth sands, serene environs and the clear sky in the evening will definitely make you want to head out of your lodgings. You may pass by little settlements in the region, which are the best places to understand Rajasthani tradition and culture.

A desert camel safari in Bikaner in the evening will also allow you to lay back on the sand because it will have lost the major part of the heat. The cool breeze may blow across the area and make your journey even more enjoyable. While roaming the desert, you may get to see people in traditional attire. Their glittering clothes will give you an idea of how colourful the culture of Rajasthan really is. If you get a chance to talk to the locals, then do ask them to tell narrate some of their folk tales, for they are quite intriguing.

Luck being on your side, you may even get to witness a spellbinding sunset over the dunes. In order to popularise the culture further, certain hospitality properties in Bikaner treat guests to traditional music and dance shows, generally accompanied by a bonfire. A lovingly prepared Rajasthani dinner will surely be the highlight of your trip to the region. A desert camel safari in Bikaner is available with Marudyan Resort, which is a good place to stay.

Adventure Bird-watching at Gajner Sanctuary in Bikaner:
Close to the Gajner palace is a forest area which is known as the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary. Here, you can go for a nature walk as it offers a completely different experience from the usual city tour in Bikaner. Spot migratory birds like sand goose, antelope, black buck and animals like blue bull, chinkara and many more.

Adventure Boating at Gajner Lake in Bikaner:
Gajner Lake is located at a distance of 32 km from Bikaner. It is an artificial lake which offers a spectacular sight to travellers. Boating can be enjoyed in the solar powered boats at the lake. Gajner Palace, just a 30-minute drive from Bikaner. In the early decades of the twentieth century it was a sprawling summer palace of Sir Ganga Singhji, one of the greatest Maharajas of Bikaner. British viceroys, political agents and military commanders were his special guests at Gajner Palace where 'a jolly good time' was had by all.

Built on the shores of the Gajner Lake, the red sandstone architecture of the Gajner Palace contrasts sharply with the blue skies above and the abundant greenery of the Palace. Its historic suites are well appointed with four-poster beds, period furniture and mirrors. The Fireplace evokes a cozy feel of the English manor. Gajner Palace has been developed both as an ideal getaway for leisure travellers and a venue for corporate meetings. The Gajner Palace comes alive for glittering weddings. Nature walks, camel and jeep safaris take visitors deep into the 6000-acres Gajner wildlife sanctuary. Gajner Palace, as gracious as always, has a novel way of making visitors feel welcome. There are such exciting adventure sports in Bikaner.

Adventure National Research Centre On Camel in Bikaner:
National Research Centre on Camel is one of the best attractions in Bikaner. It is home to various types of camels in huge numbers. It is a government owned and run research and camel breeding center. This center helps the locals in earning more from their camels. They center also offers assistance to them for good upkeep of this extremely useful animal, the 'Ship of the desert'. It was founded in 1984, and is also known as Camel Breeding Farm.

The site of camel roaming freely in the center is quite interesting. At around 9 AM, around 60 camels are taken to the desert. They are back to the center in the afternoon. There is also a souvenir shop inside the center. At the entry gate, there is a museum that displays history of the center about its establishment, initiatives and growth. There are around 400 camels at the National Research Centre on Camel. There is an on-site Camel Milk Parlor too. Camel safari is an interesting adventure sports in Bikaner. Visitors can also enjoy camel riding and camel safari, two facilities offered here.





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