Adventure Sports In Ahobilam And Ahobilam Adventure Activities Guide

Adventure Sports In Ahobilam is the relious put where one of the power full god narasimha swamy is found. There two ahobilams which are called aguva ahobilam and deguva ahobilam Deguva as the name demonstrates down there is laksmi narasimha swamy sanctuary. Activities in Ahobilam destination aguva implies top where there are 23 puts on the slope to visit. This place best for the individuals who look for experience just as love. This is a religious place. Anyway visit to the place is more daring and acceptable than some other slope station. To visit the 9 sanctuaries, lodging 9 Narasimhas(Vishnu as Half lion Half man) one needs to walk miles, some of the time climb bluffs, cross timberland springs and might be even an uneven auto ride. To go to Jvala Narasimha one needs to stroll through an invigorating water fall!! Such a wonderful marvel of nature is seldom observed or experienced. To Pavana Narasimha one needs to stroll around 5 KMs inside the wilderness. To Ugra Stambha one needs to climb a bluff without any means and on top monkeys welcome you. They check you as though they are security protects. So keep your stuffs in the room before climbing. To Bhargava Narasimha one needs to take an auto and be set up to experience a standout amongst the most bumpiest ride of your life. To visit every one of the sanctuaries gently guest needs to commit 2 days.

Adventure rock climbing In Ahobilam

The activities in Ahobilam destination most popular itinerary covers the 9 temples as well as Prahalada Padi. The Narasimha Pillar is very steep and requires rock climbing skills to approach it. While one can manage all the 9 temples in a day it can get very hectic. Hence the trip is better done over 2 days. Adventure Sports In Ahobilam route starts at Ahobila Narasimha Temple in upper Ahobilam. The temple can be reached with a climb of 50 steps.

Adventure Trekking In Ahobilam
The activities in Ahobilam destination main attraction for all the adventure lovers. The trekking to this Ugrastamba is through a narrow path which is full of small rocks and very slippery which makes the climb tough. The descend is also equally tough! Adventure Sports In Ahobilam further trekking from the main trail leads us to a narrow path carved along the mountain with a waterfall gushing down from the top of it. Shri Jwala Narasimha swami temple is located at the end of this path. This is a cave temple and a small pool of water called 'Raktha kundam" is located onto the left side of the temple.





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