Adventure Sports In Panchgani And Panchgani Adventure Activities Guide

A stunning hill station located in the heart of Maharashtra, Panchgani is snuggled amidst the five hills of the Sahyadri Mountain ranges. Bound by captivating views and a perfect weather, there are many interesting adventure sports in Panchgani that the travelers can experience on their next visit. Be it mountain peaks, lakes, or multi-cuisine restaurants, do not miss out on these fun things to do in Panchgani to make the most of your vacation! Tucked amidst the five hills, Panchgani is the best of eco holidays destinations in India. It lies at an altitude of 1334 meters.

Panchgani derives its name from the five hills that surrounds it. 'Panch' means five and 'gani' means settlement. It is also popularly known as the 'Mecca of Maharashtra'. This picturesque hill station is most popular among the tourists from the nearby cities providing a relaxing and salubrious atmosphere away from scorching heat and dust of the cities. In the earlier times it was the favorite summer holiday destination for the Britishers and wealthy Parsi families. The most convenient way to reach Panchgani is to drive from Pune, the nearest city that can be accessible by air and rail.
Some of the adventure sports in Panchgani that you can enjoy.

Adventure Camping in Panchgani:
One of the best adventure sports in Panchgani to enjoy the immense natural beauty of this city is camping. So, set out for this adventure, and spend some time in the solace of immersing yourself in the company of nature while being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Panchgani being blessed by nature has an abundance of plant and wildlife in the region. You can enjoy these while camping in the vast expanse of lands where plants bloom in all their glory, stars glitter with all their might and heavens pour to delight the untouched parts of the earth. Let yourself experience the adventure pursuits of your life, and let the joy and excitement soar as you explore the pulchritude of the city of Panchgani.

Adventure Biking in Panchgani:
If you are someone who would like to spend some quiet and peaceful time on your trip to the beautiful city of Panchgani, then cycling is the best adventure sports in Panchgani for you. There are numerous places from where you can rent a bike for a day, and then glide across the city on the vehicle soaking in the gorgeous views and the abundance of natural beauty around. You can go for a biking trip alone, with your family or even with unknown people on a group tour and make friends along the way. The breathtaking weather of the city coupled with the astounding scenery makes cycling one of the most sought-after activities to do in the city. Also, you get some time to yourself away from the hustle and bustle of metro cities.

Adventure Paragliding in Panchgani:
Though the state of Maharashtra boasts of quite a few places where one can experience the activity of paragliding, Panchgani is fondly known as the flyers' paradise. The city has immense opportunities for paragliding, and the best sights to do so in the city are Bhilar, Khinger and Tapola. Panchgani is a city that has been blessed with numerous rivulets, Krishna Valley, never-ending greeneries and captivating ridges. To add to the experience, it is surrounded by five of the fascinating hills of the Sahyadri Ranges. The ever-so-fresh greenery of the city, spectacular views, favourable winds and an astounding height of 1035m above the sea level make the city a dream for all those who want to try paragliding. Paragliding is the most exciting adventure sports in Panchgani. Also, there are many companies that offer this opportunity under the guidance of trained instructors and best-quality safety equipments.

Adventure Fruitful Walks in Panchgani:
Tourists can walk through the lovely wooded landscape and enjoy the beauty of the coastal plains at its best, witness the Krishna Valley and watch the serenity of the from the distance. The magnificent sights of the surrounding hills seems to mesmerize you till the bottom of your heart. Have a look at the old British buildings and the Parsi houses.

Adventure Poni Ride in Panchgani:
You can even enjoy the enchanting beauty and adventure sports in Panchgani, by taking a poni ride through the pristine oak forests. The small ride through the small hemlets,and farms can never fail to enchant you. Enjoy the lush greenery of the forests and the exotic view of the valleys on the way. You can even hire the bicycles and taxis to take a sightseeing tour of Panchgani.

Adventure Water Sports in Panchgani:
The most exciting destination to visit at Panchgani is Tapola, where you can enjoy the numerous adventure sports in Panchgani. Take a ride on scooter boats and speed boats. Apart from that you can enjoy eating strawberries with cream, served at various joint on the Panchgani Mahabaleshwar road.





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