Adventure Sports In Panhala Fort And Panhala Fort Adventure Activities Guide

Panhala Fort, one of the recognised forts of Maharashtra is also known as Panhalgad, Panhalla or Panalla. It's a popular tourist destination. The word literally means "the house of the serpents". This fort is based in Panhala which is 20 km northwest in Maharashtra, India. The fort speaks of the ancient Indian heritage and also of the grand reign of Shivaji Maharaj here. The fort is strategically placed where it can help to keep a vigilance over the pass in Sahyadri mountain ranges. This pass happens to be one of the main trade routes from Bijapur to the coastal areas. Due to this strategic position of the fort, it has been witnessing many wars and struggles between the Mughals, the Marathas and also the East India Company over the decades. This is the famous fort where the illustrated Tarabai have spent her formative years. Large part of the interiors of the fort has been kept intact the way they were since the beginning of their times. The fort is a great tourist attraction and is one of the elemental places to visit if you are on a Maharashtra tour.

Adventure Trekking in Panhala Fort:
Panhala is a hill station located 18 km from Kolhapur. While the main attraction is the Panhala fort, treks aren't that uncommon. You get to do a lot of sight-seeing while trekking around Panhala and the weather is absolutely perfect, most of the months. Trekking is a great adventure sports in Panhala Fort to enjoy nature.





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