Adventure Sports In Rajmachi And Rajmachi Adventure Activities Guide

Rajmachi is a beautiful dainty village that is located amidst the Sahyadri mountain ranges. This place is popular as a trekking destination in Mahrashtra among the adventure lovers. Rajmachi has two peaks Shrivardhan and Manaranjan forts, which are located very close to Lonavala and Khandala. Owing to its proximity to the metros, Rajmachi is a popular weekend getaway from Pune and Mumbai.

Rajmachi Fort is one of the most significant attractions here. It is a magnificent fort that has 2 beautiful fortresses set amidst natural beauty of its surroundings. The fort also has a number of temples including the famous Kal Bhairava temple, which is worshipped as a local deity by the villagers here. The view from the Rajmachi fort comprises of deep valleys and magnificent hill ranges that make it a divine view for the visitors. While the place is beautiful and greener during the monsoons, trekking during this period is quite restricted. A number of campers also set their base at Rajmachi to enjoy some quality time with their groups amidst abundance of nature. The climb from Udhevadi is about half an hour but is fun and an experience to remember.
Some of the adventure sports in Rajmachi that you can enjoy.

Adventure Cycling And Trekking in Rajmachi:
A novel way to explore the surroundings whilst on the Rajmachi Fort trek, this adventure activity will take you around its beautiful landscapes on a bicycle as well as on foot. Beginning at Pune the bike trail commences at the predefined meeting point and continues up to Rajmachi, from where you can hike up to the Shrivardhan Fortress where the natural bounty plays its wonderful slideshow of beauty!

Trekking is the most exciting adventure sports in Rajmachi. From thereon, embark on a trekking trail, up to the summit which will open up a vista of scenic beauty! Stay in the calm envelops of the night and let the stillness lull you to a calm sleep. Ride from the Rajmachi Fort to Lonavala before resting with some snacks. Lonavala to Dehu Road is again a biking trail which continues right up to Pune, marking the conclusion of the Rajmachi Fort Trek and biking adventure.

Adventure Waterfall Rappelling in Rajmachi:
Rappelling is a thrilling adventure sports in Rajmachi technique use to descend steep mountain slopes or cliffs. Waterfall rappelling is rappelling through a waterfall or along side of a waterfall, depending on the force of the water. It adds an additional thrill to the regular rappelling activity. Generally a small trek is included to the activity to reach the start point of the rappelling.

This is a thrilling activity and excellent for beginners. A great chance to make new friends and play in a new way in the waterfall.





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