Adventure Sports In Doodhpathri And Doodhpathri Adventure Activities Guide

Doodhpathri or "Valley of Milk", situated 42 Kms from Srinagar is definitely included in the list of unexplored places in Kashmir. If you plan to visit Kashmir sometimes, you should take a little time off to visit this beautiful and enchanting place. It's a new tourist destination in Kashmir. You visit Doodhpathri to witness the natural beauty at its best. It is places like this for which Kashmir is fondly known as a paradise. Another reason however could be that Doodhpathri was quite recently included in the list of tourist places in Kashmir.

Adventure Camping in Doodhpathri:
Literally translating to Valley of Milk, Doodhpathri is a scenic and secluded hill station that has recently been recognised as a potential tourist destination. This bowl-shaped valley is sprawling with an endless stretch of lush green meadows that is so vast that it is one of the shepherds' favourite spots to bring their cattle. This beautiful valley is located in Jammu & Kashmir and makes for a fantastic offbeat campsite. If you love remote sites blessed with pristine natural beauty, then Doodhpathri is the place you need to camp at. The favorite adventure sports in Doodhpathri, camping is an ideal way to get close with nature.





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