Adventure Sports In Lolab valley And Lolab valley Adventure Activities Guide

The beautiful oval- shaped Lolab Valley is nestled between Kashmir and Neelum Valley in the Kupwara District. Known as the ‘Wadi-e-Lolab’ by the locals, it is among the most beautiful destinations in Kashmir. Marked by fruit orchards, thriving meadows and stunning lakes, Lolab Valley is shaped by the Lahwal River. The valley is throughout covered with thick pine and fir forests and dotted with paddy fields. Tourists enjoy a glimpse into typical Kashmiri villages and the local lifestyle.

Lolab valley is one of the best tourist destinations. Having macadamized road connectivity, it is also exploited as a camping site. The lush green jungles surrounding the Lolab valley provide ample scope for the adventure sports loving people for trekking and mountain biking. Lolab valley is beautiful tourist spot. The scene of old and traditional thatched houses amidst the natural green surroundings can be enjoyed.
Some of the adventure sports in Lolab valley that you can enjoy.

Adventure Trekking in Lolab valley:
Lolab Valley is the starting point of several trekking routes. One of the most popular treks in the region is from Lolab Valley to Lake Wullar in Bandipore. Trekking is the most exciting adventure sports in Lolab valley. The valley is home to several species of native animals such as Himalayan Black Bear and Brown Bear, Ibex, Snow Leopard, Hangul, Markhor and Musk deer. As you trek the highs, the beauty of Kashmir mesmerizes you.

Adventure Camping in Lolab valley :
There are few camping sites and tourist huts for travelers at Sogam, Diver, Chandigam, Anderbug, Kalaroos and Lalpore. Camping is favorite adventure sports in Lolab valley, camping is an ideal way to get close with nature. The sheer beauty of the Valley impresses the tourists. Visitors can spend days here. There are around eleven lakes, ponds and nature springs with therapeutic qualities in the valley that are worth visiting.

Adventure Horse Riding in Lolab valley:
Horse riding is quite famous in Kashmir mainly because the environment and the beauty of the place. One can take in the dazzling splendor of India through Kashmir itself. The emerald blue waters and breathtaking snow capped mountains are a treat to watch while horse riding. Summer is the time for the exciting adventure sports in Lolab valley.

The best places for Horse riding in Kashmir is Lolab Valley. Tourists can come for a horse ride without any prior stresses as the guides be with them all the time. It would be best to hire a horse through a tourist office as there may be times, the local horse owners may charge higher prices. Hiring a horse from the tourist office is also important for safety purposes, for instance, any accidents can be looked after.





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