Adventure Sports In Dandeli And Dandeli Adventure Activities Guide

There is a sanctuary located quite close to Dandeli where you can take a jeep safari and spot birds and wildlife. Adventure Sports In Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary you can go on a jungle safari. Located about 125 km from Goa, Dandeli captivates adventure seekers with its distinct aura. Ancient temples, hills and the famous River Kali endow this place with striking scenic views. Activities in Dandeli destination along with rappelling, tourists can also try kayaking, fishing, jeep safaris and bird watching at Dandeli in Karnataka.

Adventure Wildlife Safari In Dandeli
Activities in Dandeli destination spread over an area of 834.16, Dandeli is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka. The adventure Sports In Dandeli sanctuary is amongst the most attractive tourist spots in the state as it has a lot to offer to the wildlife lovers. It boasts scenic beauty which includes breathtaking valleys and meandering rivers. The vegetation in the reserve is moist deciduous and semi-evergreen forests, thus, it is a perfect home for animals like Malabar giant squirrel, Black Panther, civet cats, mouse deer, bison, jackals, langurs, elephants, tigers, pangolin and sloth bear. The sanctuary is also a great place for bird watching in South India as it has birds like magpie robin, crested serpent eagle and golden backed woodpecker. Dandeli, which is situated at northernmost part of Karnataka, is a hotspot for water sports activities.

Adventure Trekking & Kayaking In Dandeli
Adventure Sports In Dandeli challenge yourself by paying a visit to this place during onset of Monsoon season. The place boasts of its rich bio-diversity, exotic varieties of wild life species etc. It is worth a visit. Dandeli is located on the Karnataka – Goa border in Karnataka. The activities in Dandeli destination place attracts a lot of tourists from Goa since it is only 125 kilometers from the state. Dandeli offers a plethora of activities like trekking, wildlife spotting, and photography, kayaking, and fishing.





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