Adventure Sports In Stok Kangri And Stok Kangri Adventure Activities Guide

Stok Kangri is one of the best destination for adventure sports. Stok Kangri is one of the most beautiful peaks in Ladakh. By Ladakhis it is called Kanglachan, meaning view of all the mountains. Some of the adventure sports in Stok Kangri that you can enjoy. The climb is technically not difficult and requires no special mountaineering skills. This is a great chance climbing a 6150m mountain in less than a week, not possible in any other part of Asia. The summit provides spectacular views of the Karakoram Range including K2 and the Saser peaks.

Adventure Trekking in Stok Kangri:
Stok Kangri is one of the most strenuous trekking summits in India. Trekking is the most exciting adventure sports in Stok Kangri.You being one of the crazy backpackers, who seek to capture the cascade of mountain ranges atop from a lofty height of 6,153 meters then you can't escape the Stok Kangri trek. Well, the alpine trek in the Ladakh region is every trekker's dream but only few people are able to undertake the challenge. It is one of the high altitude treks in India that requires some serious acclimatization. No doubt, the Stok Kangri trek also offers a beautiful journey through the countryside that is dotted with several small villages, cattle farms and colourful meadows crisscrossed by small gushing streams. In contrast, the undulated terrain, jagged ridges, coloured layers of peaks and deep canyons throughout the trek seem to be another breathtaking part of the journey.

Adventure Mountaineering in Stok Kangri:
Mountaineering adventure activity can be done on Ladakh’s challenging peaks is Stok Kangri Peak. One can finish climbing Stok Kangri peak in a span of 7 days. Permission from the Indian Mountaineering Federation in Delhi is required before climbing any peak in Ladakh.











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