Adventure Sports In Chandrapur And Chandrapur Adventure Activities Guide

Chandrapur is an ancient city nestled between the Wardha and Wainganga River basins in the state of Maharashtra. The historic destination of Chandrapur attracts numerous national and international tourists due to its proximity with various wildlife sanctuaries and magnificent temples. Chandrapur is well known for its abundant mineral wealth such as coal and limestone. A home to numerous coal mines, Chandrapur is also known as 'Black Gold City'. Along with being a huge mineral reservoir, Chandrapur is famous for its ancient temples, historic forts, and sprawling natural beauty. Mahakali Mandir, Anchaleshwar Mandir, Bhadranag Mandir, Gaurala Ganpati Mandir, Buddha Leni are some of the major tourist attractions for spiritualists. Whereas the Tadoba National Tiger Reserve, Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary, and Melghat Tiger Reserve allure nature lovers. Tadoba National Tiger Reserve is best destination for adventure sports in Chandrapur. The Chandrapur fort, which was built way back in the 13th century, is the main attraction among all the tourist places in Chandrapur. Walk down the ancient caves near Chandrapur; they will take you back to the 8th century when the ancient sages used these caves for meditation. Chandrapur is an ideal holiday spot for historians, adventure sports, and nature lovers.

Adventure Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary in Chandrapur:
Located in the juncture of the district of Chandrapur, the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger reserve is noted as Maharashtra's oldest and largest National park. It is one of India's 50 "Project Tiger" tiger reserves. Capturing the fancy of many wildlife enthusiasts, Tadoba boasts of the variety of wildlife that it is home to. How would it be if you were to spend three days in the vicinity of this very Tiger reserve, with safaris into the jungles each day? You definitely hold a chance to catch sight of the magnificent beast himself! So, here's an amazing three-day tour for all the wildlife enthusiasts out there, with jungle safaris, the wild beasts and the exotic avifauna occupying most of your time.

Popularly known as "The Jewel of Vidarbha", Tadoba is spread across an area of 1727 sq km with densely forested areas of teak. Teeming with life, this tiger reserve contains a wide range of species like tiger, leopard, sloth bear, hyena, jackal, wild dog, blue bull and sambar. Explore the wildness on wheels, and learn more interesting facts and habits of the animals from your insightful guide. And as you go deeper into the jungle, you will be struck by the sudden sight of the flaming red colour of 'palash' a tree known for its striking beauty and popularly known as the 'Flame of the Forest'. And the marsh crocodiles present in the lake is another experience that is highly recommended that you don't miss. You will also know more about the fascinating story behind the name of the tiger reserve Tadoba-Andhari, starring a brave chieftain and a tiger. Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary safari is a great adventure sports in Chandrapur to enjoy nature.

This is a perfect chance for you to experience the wild, without having to forego any luxuries. Your stay would be arranged in comfortable rooms, and your meals well catered to. Enjoy discussions with like-minded folks, share experiences with people who understand and share the passion, same as you do. So wait no longer! Grab the cameras, binoculars and head off to experience your 'wildest' holiday ever!





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