Adventure Sports In Kanha National Park And Kanha National Park Adventure Activities Guide

Are you passionate about adventure sports? Then you should definitely head to Kanha National Park the nest for nature lovers. It's a popular tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh. Known as one of the finest wildlife reserves not just in India but also the world. Heard of the famous Jungle Book? This is exactly the place which was Rudyard Kipling's inspiration for his story. The largest National Park in Madhya Pradesh, it mothers not just the big wild cats, leopards, barasingha but a huge variety of avifauna making their way through the sky. When in Madhya Pradesh, Kanha is indeed a place to quench your thirst for an unforgettable trip, as the place not only allows one to have a thrilling experience of witnessing it rich wildlife but also enjoying several other activities that it is replete with. October to March as that's the best time to visit Kanha National Park.
Some of the best adventure sports in Kanha National Park.

Adventure Jeep Safari in Kanha National Park:
Catch a glimpse of the furry wild cats, gaurs, blazing black deer, and many more species as you drift through the dense forest of Kanha National Park. Dwell in with the animals by wearing neutral colours for the safari as you drive slowly in your open jeep. The Jeep Safari adventure sports in Kanha National Park can be enjoyed twice a day for a specified time which neither disturbs the animals on odd hours nor does it lessen your possibility to spot the wild beings. Stay cautious and aware of what is happening in the Safari because if lucky you might sight a 'barasingha' which is found only here.

Adventure Elephant Safari in Kanha National Park:
Take a ride on the mighty elephants and admire the majestic view of the forests. If you have kids along, ensure you go on an elephant safari. Most of the elephant safaris are available in the morning. By paying a price between Rs.300 to Rs.600, you can enjoy a this adventure sports in Kanha National Park.

Adventure Bird Watching in Kanha National Park:
Kanha National Park is also home to over 280 species of birds. In the buffer area which is 1005 sqkm, you can enjoy bird watching simply on foot. In the core area which is 1945 sqkm, you can do the same while on a jeep safari. There are expert bird guides who take you around for bird watching. Bird Watching is interesting adventure sports in Kanha National Park.

Adventure Plantation Walk in Kanha National Park:
Medicinal Plantation Conservation Area is located in the buffer zone; it is home to rare species and herbs. This is where the forest department is works towards conservation of herbs that are available locally. These shrubs and herbs have great medicinal value. You can learn more about these through the local doctors here.You have a plethora of fun holiday activities at Kanha resort to try during your family vacation.





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