Adventure Sports In Manali And Manali Adventure Activities Guide

Manali is a hill station in the mountains of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, at the northern end of the Kullu valley. It is located at an altitude of 2,050 m (6,726 ft.) in the Beas River Valley. The district Manali is located in is Kullu. This town is the beginning of an ancient trade route to Ladakh and a roadway to other northern hill stations. The climate in Manali is very cold in winters and moderately cool in summers, with winter temperatures ranging from ­15 to 5 degree Celsius and summers with 4 to 15 degree Celsius. If one is looking for snow activities, then one should visit Manali between January Mid June.

The town became a popular tourist destination only recently after the British visited it frequently due to the favorable climate and beautiful landscape and the rise of militancy in Kashmir also boosted tourism in Manali in the 1980s. The town is visited by tourists throughout the year, and there are 800 1000 hotels and guesthouses in the town and outskirts. People come here with families, on honeymoons, or in search of adventure sports. Manali offers a wide range of activities like mountain biking, skiing, trekking, paragliding, cannoning, etc. The Kullu valley is famous for its picturesque hills and temples. There are many famous trekking routes like the Malana Village Trek, Bara Banghal and Bir Trek, Hamya Herbal Trek, Hampta Pass Trek, Jogini Waterfalls Trek, Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek, Beas Kund Trek, Brighu Lake Trek, Lama Dugh Trek, Chandrakhani Pass Trek, etc.
Some of the adventure sports in Manali that you can enjoy.

Adventure River Rafting in Manali:
For those who wish to conquer the hard currents of water, river rafting adventure sports in Manali is a must.The challenge of surviving through the wicked twists and turns of the rapids will quench your thirst for adventure in Manali. Before starting, the rafters are given a brief introduction and made wary of the lurking dangers.

Adventure Paragliding in Manali:
It's unreal and great that the skies above Manali are a bit crowded nowadays. First, it looks pretty colourful, and secondly it means that more and more people are braving paragliding. Manali is a hotspot where you can even do short courses for a week or more. There are shorter thrills ranging from two minutes to 15, sailing over peaks in tandem. The shorter flights involves a 150-metre trek up a slope followed by 60-90 second glide.

The longer, 30-minute flights are for experienced fliers and take off from Bijli Mahadev, Kothi, and Fatru. It's pretty safe—just ensure sure you sign up with operators who are registered with the tourism department. You must try this adventure sports in Manali.

Adventure Skiing in Manali:
Enjoy an unforgettable experience of skiing at Rohtang Pass. Besides witnessing the ecstatic snow blanket, walk and ski on the mountain slopes. Participate in the activity and unfold a new facet of adventure. Rohtang Pass offers an ethereal beauty of glacier cover and the adventure sports of skiing. Skiing is the most exciting adventure sports in Manali. Glide on the snow under the guidance of professionals and learn the techniques of skiing with the equipment. Following the instructions carefully if you are doing ski for the first time. Unleash the thrill of speed in snow and cherish the unforgettable moments for a lifetime.

Adventure Hiking in Manali:
Amidst a vast assortment of adventure sports in Manali, Hiking allows to soak in the beauty of serene landscapes. Also, Hiking provides a perfect opportunity for availing the experience of camping in Manali

Adventure Trekking in Manali:
Snowy peaks, gravelly cliff sides and rolling greens Manali has something on offer for trekkers of all merit. You can customise your experience and end up either in a luxe tent with 21st-century plumbing, or one where the wind threatens to blow off your shelter. Most treks kick off from Manali itself, and some routes, like the one and half hour trek to Rohtang Pass, allow you to cheat, using ponies. The Beas Kund trek is one of the more popular and picturesque ones that follows the river through meadows.

A route that starts from Gulaba lying 15 km away from Manali trails through a deodar forest to Lake Bhrigu and promises to be a magical experience. Experience the snow, walk through the snow laden paths and enjoy true heaven by trekking through different places in Manali as shown here.

Adventure Mountaineering in Manali:
If scaling heights ranges high on your priority list, Manali is your answer. Mountaineering is a great adventure sports in Manali to enjoy nature. Before taking on the heights, basic lessons are provided to mountaineers regarding the equipment, so that they can easily face difficulties that might come in the way. Starting from rock-climbing and altitude-climbing, everything is covered under mountaineering done at Manali.

Adventure Mountain Biking in Manali:
Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins, as the wind swooshes past your ears and the bicycle fires your muscles. Biking through the raw tracks of Manali's hills requires a skilled handling of bicycle and a sound experience of cycling on rough mountain tracks.

Adventure Zorbing in Manali:
Avoiding the usual monotony of scenic tours in and around Manali, experience some real life adventure. Participate in the thrilling activity of Zorbing and enjoy rolling adventure sports in Manali. Under the guidance of the professional experts, enjoy the acts of lawn zorbing. You would be put inside a ball in the open meadow, and you need to roll in the same. This unique pleasure adventure sport has gained immense popularity in India in the recent past. Learn to balance yourself inside the ball and roll it over. Feel the ultimate fun performing this activity. De-stress and refresh yourself and break away from the usual activities.

Adventure Camping in Manali:
Sleeping under the stars with just the towering peaks of the Himalayas for company has a certain unrivalled charm about it. Camping in Manali comes with all this and a few more material comforts. While serial campers can carry their two weeks-worth food, clothes, home and cooking utensils on their back, those who want to experience camping but not the trek, will be equally satisfied. Luxe tents with satellite TV, heaters, four poster canopied beds also boast of breathtaking views and even snow covered tent tops, just like hardcore campers. Look out for packages specially tailored for families and couples, as these also throw in a bunch of enjoyable activities depending on your level of involvement. You have a better way to enjoy the scenery in such an adventure sports in Manali. Checkout the varied camping trips you may select from.

Adventure Rock Climbing in Manali:
If you have got bored from nature visits and urge to do something where you can face your fear, then challenge your strength and judge your stamina at rock climbing. It not only involves the strength of muscles but also caters to the controlling of mind. Under the guidance of the expert climbers, learn how to scale the steep vertical gradients of the rock. Learn the basics of top roping and easy bouldering. Ensuring the world-class safety measurement, climb the rock with sheer potential and courage. Satisfy the needs of adventure and be a part of the expedition in the beautiful hill station of Manali. Rock Climbing is thrilling adventure sports in Manali.

Adventure Rappelling in Manali:
If you are an adventure junky and keen to try different sports, then the thrill of rappelling in Manali is something that you should not miss. Try rappelling in the lap of Himalayan ranges, under the strict supervision of the professionals. You are guided on how to use the safety equipment. Learn the necessary skills of rappelling like creating rappel anchors, tying ropes together with strong knots, rope management, etc. and try the adventure. Also, it is essential to get knowledge of making a controlled slid down with ropes. Be a part of this exciting expedition and try this simple yet challenging task of rappelling.

Adventure Angling in Manali:
Now discover a new facet of Manali by indulging into fishing in the river that flows through the hill station. Under the guidance of an experienced crew, learn and enjoy the methods of angling. With the specialized equipment and fishing accessories, enjoy fishing like never before. Locate the perfect fishing location with the help of the crew that has knowledge of local waters. Learn the professional techniques of angling like casting, bottom fishing, fly fishing and popping from the experts. Adapt the skill to get your prized catch for a day. Experience and enjoy this recreational activity like never before. Away from the hustle bustle of the city, spend a well-deserved and relaxing vacation.





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