Adventure Sports In Karjat And Karjat Adventure Activities Guide

Karjat is a city and municipal Council in the scenic and mountainous district of Raigad in the state of Maharashtra. A part of Karjat is also a part of the metro city of Mumbai but is also a preferred destination for travelers. Be it family, kids or couples, anyone can enjoy this holiday destination. The best time to visit here is in monsoon, where the mountains are covered with a blanket of lush greenery, the atmosphere is cloudy and misty and there are numerous waterfalls making their way through the thick forests of the valley. The local attractions are best to be visited during the daytime and if you have a big group, you and go for Fort climbing trips at night, especially on a full moon night where you will experience a different kind of tranquility during the trek.

All you need to do is grab a map write down your list of things to do, and get set to get one of the most authentic trekking and sight-seeing experiences in the state of Maharashtra. This trip is perfect for a weekend get away with your travel partners as well as solo, as you can enjoy it equally both ways.

From rappelling and white water rafting in the Ulhas River, to hiking and parasailing; Karjat is popular for adventure sports. The recommended months for white water rafting are between July and September.
Some of the adventure sports in Karjat that you can enjoy.

Adventure Trekking in Karjat:
Karjat is a famous trekking destination in Maharashtra, with trails ranging from moderately difficult to extremely challenging. Some of the popular ones include Chanderi Fort Trek, Matheran Trek via Rambagh Point and Peth Fort Trek. Enjoy trekking in the beautiful town of Karjat. Trekking is a great adventure sports in Karjat to enjoy nature.

Adventure Cascading Waterfalls Bhivpuri in Karjat:
The small village of Bhivpuri, close to Karjat, is known for its cascading waterfalls. The Bhivpuri waterfalls is a great place for a picnic. The Vagni and Palasdari falls nearby are also popular among visitors.

Adventure Horse-Riding at Dada's Grill in Karjat:
City Dwellers looking for a weekend break have another reason to be in Karjat, horse riding. Tudo Cavalo, India's first and only Equine Services Company that provides holistic, skill based and natural entertainment, has opened a fully equipped and professionally run horse riding school Horsing Around. Horse Riding is the most exciting adventure sports in Karjat.

Adventur Star Gazing in Karjat:
We all know the skies around Karjat are clear, the clean air makes it a fabulous place for star gazers. But wouldn't it be even better to watch the stars and learn about the constellations and their movements. Thanks to a group known as the Khagol Mandal, a group of sky observers that have been conducting observation programs for over 20 years at Vangani. The group has also been educating teachers for nearly 25 years, hoping the information will be handed down to the school children.





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