Adventure Sports In Ahmedpur Mandvi And Ahmedpur Mandvi Adventure Activities Guide

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is a 6 km long stretch, where the clear water of the Arabian Sea touches the coastline. Situated near the island of Diu, this beach continues as Ghoghla Beach into the adjoining part of the mainland Diu. Covered with white sands along with fishing villages, the site is an ideal place for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts sporters.

Adventure Sports In Ahmedpur Mandvi such as surfing, parasailing, swimming and many others can be enjoyed activities in the sea near the beach. Furthermore, dolphin sighting is also arranged for travellers on request to the local fishermen, who go into the deep sea in their traditional boats.

Visitors to Ahmedpur Mandvi beach may delight in its soft sands and stunning blue waters. The presence of a number of bird varieties makes it an ornithologists' delight. The winning USP of Ahmedpur Mandvi is, however, its scope for aquatic sports. Adventure Sports In Ahmedpur Mandvi are skiing, parasailing and water scouting. Speed boat trips are available for visitors who prefers an adventure-filled vacation.





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