Adventure Sports In Pukzing And Pukzing Adventure Activities Guide

Arranged at Pukzing town close Marpara in the western slopes inside Aizawl locale is the Pukzing Cave. Pukzing cavern, which goes 25 m inside is the greatest collapse Mizoram. The legend says that the cavern was cut out of the slopes by an exceptionally tough man called Mualzavata, the name meaning an individual who could clear hundred scopes of timberland in only one day. The Pukzing Cave is the greatest collapse the territory of Mizoram that stretches to the length of 25 meters. The cavern is arranged in the town of adventure Sports In Pukzing that lies near Marpara. Tourists can also explore the legends related to the caves of Mizoram. The popular caves activities in Pukzing destination these caves have interesting stories containing the relics of the past. Carry along your torch, spare batteries, camera and a guide map of the caves.

Adventure Caving In Pukzing
The numerous caves in Mizoram are associated with myths, legends and folktales. The adventure Sports In Pukzing cavern is accepted to be cut out by Mualzavata. The common carvings and developments in the cavern bait sightseers to visit it. The Pukzing Cave at Mizoram is situated in the western edges of the Himalayas close to the town of Marpara. The activities in Pukzing destination cavern is one of the biggest Mizoram collapses the state with a length of 25 meters. The experience searchers regularly visit the cavern.





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