Adventure Sports In Pachmarhi And Pachmarhi Adventure Activities Guide

Pachmarhi is tucked away in the state of Madhya Pradesh amidst the Satpura Hills, which is a primeval mountain range replete with dense forests, wildlife, streams, and waterfalls. It's a popular tourist destination. Cave paintings are a well-known secret, and some of these caves are dated 10,000 years old. Crystal clear pools are fed by streams that twine all along the red sandstone hills dots the natural landscape. Pachmarhi's landscape is blessed with waterfalls such as Silver Falls or Rajat Prapat Falls or Big Falls which looks like a silver flowy garment, the Apsara Vihar waterfalls, the Duchess Falls and the Jamuna Prapat or Bee Falls. One can explore the Pandava Caves hewn within the rocky folds of a hillock. Priyadarshini or Forsyth Point offers a picturesque sight while Jheel Lake has pedal boats for hire. Step back into time at Bison Lodge, one of the oldest buildings going all the way back to 1862. There is the Ramya Kund or Irene Pool where at the bottom of its 177 steps, is a wooded gorge with a tiny stream flowing down to a pool.
Some of the adventure sports in Pachmarhi that you can enjoy.

Adventure Rock Climbing in Pachmarhi:
One of the best activities to do in the city of Pachmarhi is rock climbing, and more so if you are an adventure lover. Rock Climbing is the most exciting adventure sports in Pachmarhi. There are many camps that organise this activity, and you can approach either of them for the same. The city is lined with various sedimentary rocks, with glistening translucent pebbles that serve as great fingerholds for the activity. There are numerous rocks in the region differing in shape and height and therefore presenting various levels of challenges to the climber. It is definitely a thrilling and victorious experience to find yourself at the top of a rock after crossing the many hurdles on the way. After having done the activity, you can also enjoy a gorgeous sunset from the top and take some time rejuvenating yourself.

Adventure Cycling in Pachmarhi:
Pachmarhi is a city blessed with nature's beauty and your trip to this beautiful city is incomplete without exploring its gorgeous wonders. One of the best ways to explore these is by picking up a bicycle and setting off to experience the locales at a relaxed pace. Cycling through the narrow lanes and beautiful spots of Pachmarhi is a truly engaging experience that will delight all your senses. You have a better way to enjoy the scenery in such an adventure sports in Pachmarhi. Glide past the several tourist spots like Jatashanker, Bee Fall, Handikhoh, Priyadarshni, Pandav Caves, Apsara Vihar, Duchess Fall, Chauragarh, Satpura National Park and Dhupgarh, and feel the surreal blend of wind and sun on your skin while you savour the good life of the city. If you are more of an adventurous person, you can also take up a few challenging terrains on your bicycle.

Adventure Trekking in Pachmarhi:
If you are someone who wishes to experience the unexplored areas of Pachmarhi, then you should definitely engage in the activity of trekking. There are many hill resorts and beautiful spots to be explored on the Satpura Range, which you can trek to experience something truly amazing adventure sports in Pachmarhi. You can trek to heights of more than 1000 meters, and the feeling of doing so is absolutely exhilarating. The region is surrounded by low-lying rugged hills, ravines, beautiful forests, 12 breathtaking waterfalls, serene pools and quiet glades. So, if you consider yourself to be an adventurer and an explorer who has been craving some adrenaline rush, set out for a thrilling trek in Pachmarhi and find yourself immersed in the surreal wonders of this place.

Adventure Horse Riding in Pachmarhi:
The deepest canyon of Madhya Pradesh, Handi Khoh lies within the rich, forested realm of Pachmarhi. Huddled atop 300 ft., the cliff offers stunning views of the sprawling greenery. The verdant beauty of Handi Khoh is an ideal setting for stimulating activities like hiking, bike riding, and horse riding. Horse riding can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. The thrill of riding atop a staggering 300 ft. magnifies the experience twofold. Horse Riding is thrilling adventure sports in Pachmarhi. Winding through beautiful hiking trails, the ride sweeps past several mesmerizing waterfalls resembling streaks of silver.

Adventure ATV Ride in Pachmarhi:
Handi Khoh is the deepest ravine within the bounds of Madhya Pradesh and offers remarkable views of the lovely Satpura Range. Escape into the tempting wilderness of nature, while indulging in a thrilling ATV ride through the wooded garb of Handi Khoh. ATV Ride is the most exciting adventure sports in Pachmarhi. Take a zooming ride past trickling streams, sharp ridges, and incline. Although great precaution is taken against accidents and injuries, children below the age of 16 should be accompanied by a guardian or adult.

Adventure Parasailing in Pachmarhi:
Offering unbeatable deals in adventure sports, Satpura Adventure Club is a place that will get your heart racing! Offering countless different land, water, and air activities, there is not one dull moment here. Parasailing over the stretching, entwining beauty of the canvas of Pachmarhi is unlike anything else. Especially when the beautiful, pre-dusk sky greets you with a sunset colored embrace. The club not only holds expertise in the field of adventure sports and packages, but also prioritises the safety of visitors. The feeling of being airborne is so overwhelming, that even once you've landed, the adrenaline that had surged through you, lingers for much longer. Bring your childhood superhero fantasies delightfully to life by indulging in one of the most unbeatable adventure sports in Pachmarhi.

Adventure Ziplining in Pachmarhi:
One of the pioneers of activities and adventure sports in Pachmarhi, Satpura Adventure Club captures the spirit of thrill and wilderness while ensuring the safety of visitors. Zip lining includes sliding over from end to end, being suspended in air and tethered to a pulley and cable. Now, add to that the swift caresses of the breeze, a backdrop of the endless Satpura Ranges, and the unfolding canvas of greenery right below! Speeding through the air, an untameable feeling surges, and the inner child in you comes shrieking back to life. Besides that, there is a wide variety of adrenaline pumping sports like paragliding, zip lining, bungee jumping and rock climbing that the club offers. Brace yourself for an unmatched blend of the most exhilarating things to do in Pachmarhi with Satpura Adventure Club.

Adventure Hiking to Dhoopgarh in Pachmarhi:
The highest point of Satpura, Dhoopgarh stands tall at about 4,430 ft., and is the highest peak in the Satpura range. Popular amongst tourists and locals as 'Sunset Point', the view from the top is entirely uninterrupted, and runs far and wide with the encapsulating greenery of the Satpura range. Home to beautiful ancient caves that date as back as the age of Mahabharata, the trails snake through dense forests and past roaring waterfalls. The enticing beauty of Pachmarhi can be witnessed in all its glory and entirety.

Hiking up to Dhoopgarh is amongst the most thrilling adventure sports in Pachmarhi, and requires about 6-7 hours of easy to moderate climbing. Though the trek is a bit challenging, the breathtaking vistas, topped by a beautiful fiery sunset more than compensate. You can also camp overnight at Dhoopgarh if you wish, provided you are with a guide, or have proper knowledge of the basic essentials of camping.





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