Adventure Sports In Auli And Auli Adventure Activities Guide

Auli the snow destination of India is a mesmerizing place for nature and adventure lovers. Auli is the best place for Skiing in India. You will be awed with the panoramic views of Nanda Devi Peak. Take out your woollens on Auli Skiing and Camping tour where the winter is at its best. The temperature might drop below zero degree at any time of the day. Auli can be reached by road or ropeway from Joshimath.

Get the adrenaline rush in Auli as you learn the basics of skiing here and try out your skiing skills on powder snow for the first time. It's always fun learning something new in life. Experience thrill learning a new adventure activity. There will be qualified instructors and best equipment to give you the best learning experience. Take a lesson on how to ski on those turns and smooth slopes. If you are really good at it you might get an appreciation certificate. Take your training and then take time testing the newly acquired skills on your own or just spend some time building a snowman. The white beauty of Garhwal region shouldn't be missed!
Some of the adventure sports in Auli that you can enjoy.

Adventure Skiing Tour in Auli:
A paradise for the avid skier, Auli is located in Garhwal Himalays, about 250km away from Rishikesh and can be easily accessed by a 3.5km long cable car to Joshimath that offers panoramic views of peaks Nanda Devi, Kamet and Dronagiri. Skiing is a popular adventure sports in Auli. Auli offers immense opportunities to indulge in adventure activities like such as skiing, trekking, sightseeing; Auli skiing being the most desired one! When in Auli, exhilarate your senses by skiing from 3km high-rise slopes with a drop in elevation of 500m from peak-high altitudes during the period between January and April.

Adventure Trekking in Auli:
Gorson is one such fortuity a trekker can enjoy shuffling through some pages of geography. Trekking is the most exciting adventure sports in Auli. On this trek of Garhwal Himalayas, the intimidation doesn't seem to cross mind due to its easy level. Staring from the Rishikesh to Joshimath to begin the trekking tour is the first step; every trekker has to take this in order to accomplish Auli Gorson Bugyal trekking. The Indian trekking scene is abuzz with trekkers all year round with varied options for all seasons and expeditions for the beginners and the seasoned climbers alike. It does not matter what terrain you choose, be ready for your moment of truth amid the mystique of these ancient trade routes, where every nook and corner has an age old legacy to share whilst displaying the most exquisite and the rarest of flora and fauna, exclusive only to this part of the world.

Adventure Cable Car in Auli:
Auli also boasts the Asia's longest 4 km Cable Car / Ropeway (Gondola). Cable Car is amazing adventure sports in Auli. It also has a Chair Lift and a Ski-Lift. The upper slopes of Auli host the longest ropeway in Asia. The Ropeway has ten towers of self-supporting steel structures, complete with saddles and shoes. Besides, Auli also offers the luxury of an 800-meter chair lift linking the lower slopes with the upper region. Remote-controlled hydraulic and pneumatic braking system makes it safe to travel in this Mesmerising Trees in Auli chair, which also has a storm-warning device attached to it. Another comfortable scientific contribution to this highland is a state-of-the-art ski lift. Covering a difficult track distance of 4.15 kms in 22 minutes, the ropeway has two cable cars and 10 towers. The ropeway passes over mesmerizing views.

Adventure Camping in Auli:
If you dream about relaxing on the velvet green meadows adorned with tiny wild flowers, wake up to blissful sunrise in Himalayas and enjoy the spectacular views of Himalayan Peaks, experience camping adventure sports in Auli. Nestled in the mighty Himalayas, Joshimath, Auli and nearby areas offer magnificent views of mighty Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi (2nd Highest Himalayan Peak in India), Barmal, Hathi parbat, Nilgiri, Sleeping beauty mountain, Hathi Ghodi Palkhi,Kamet, Dronagiri and more. Lush green meadows, sprawling fields, carpet of wild flowers, streams & waterfalls, crisp blue skies, dewy cloud-engulfed peaks in spring and summer and a pure-white, powdered snowfields in winters. Auli Himalayas with charm you round the year. Feel the excitement of short day hikes, jungle walks & nature trails, night treks and soft outdoor adventure activities to suit all age-groups. Unwind with calming hues at sunset. Enjoy bonfire, feel one with nature and retire in cosy comforts of your tent. Our camp sites are well-equipped with kitchen to serve delicious hot meals, comfortable tents suitable for each season, mattresses, sleeping bags, camping chairs and other facilities including toilet tents. Enjoy camping in Himalayan wilderness. Experience the nature up, close & personal.

Adventure River Rafting in Auli:
River Rafting on Alaknanda River is a unique and thrilling way of experiencing the beauty of Himalayas and its pristine rivers. Alaknanda is one of the main tributaries of the Ganges and it provides great opportunities for rafting. Alaknanda is one of India's most popular rivers for rafting and attracts rafters from all over the world. The lush green surroundings and the majestic Himalayas around the rafting route offer a scenic and energetic experience. Recommended for rafting enthusiasts, adventure lovers, offbeat and inbound travellers. You can enjoy this adventure sports in Auli.

While the fast-flowing water splashes against the rocks that sound defines adventure. While the twisted narrow passages complemented with rocks in between throw high challenges for the rafters that define adventure. In a nutshell, it's River Rafting that defines Real Adventure.





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