Adventure Sports In Nargol And Nargol Adventure Activities Guide

Nargol is a charming coastal destination in Valsad District, situated near the Maharashtra border, Gujarat. This village has beach name as Nargol Beach. Near the beach is an Agiary (or fire temple, which is the place of worship for parsis) often visited by the Parsis who often come to this village from Mumbai and other nearby places to visit the places of worship, like Udwada which is renowned for Iranshah Atash Bahram, the oldest and most famous of the Parsi fire temples. Nargol beach is quiet and unspoiled beach located in small town, Nargol. Beach has very few crowds of tourists so it is cool place to have leisure or weekend break

Nargol has its fair share of beach that is not just beautiful to spend a relaxing day out, but also offer you the opportunity to give your adventurous side a rub with a range of water activities available here. You can enjoy many such activities including surfing which is most preferably done at the Nargol beach. Other fantastic Adventure Sports In Nargol to indulge in the region are jet skiing, speed boating, para sailing, water motor scooter riding and sailing. You can rent the various equipment needed for the different water sports from the ad venture sports companies organizing them or even avail them from your touring company. A superb way to spend a great vacation in the state, these wonderful activities are sure to make your stay here truly memorable.





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