Adventure Sports In Bedni Bugyal And Bedni Bugyal Adventure Activities Guide

Uttarakhand has many family hill station destination in which the most beautiful meadow is Bedni Bugyal (lies in Garhwal region ). It is also famous for its flora and fauna. Bedni Bugyal is viewed as the most wonderful bugyal in Uttarakhand. The base for Bedni bugyal is Lohajang or Wan, which can be come to from Karnaprayag or Nainital by means of Dewal. Bedni is at a tallness of just about 3354 mtr and one is spellbound by the magnificence of the scene. The trek to Roopkund goes by means of Bedni bugyal. This bugyal has its appeal and one gets entranced by its characteristic magnificence enriched upon by The unstoppable force of life.

The lavish green field would look like simulated covering on undulating fields of Bedni Bugyal. To achieve Bedni Bugyal, one needs to movement by engine vehicle till Wan which is the last street head. From Wan, another 11 km trek will lead you to this excellent place. It is conceivable to scale this 11 km trek in a solitary day, if you begin early morning from Wan.

As we live in and mechanised and routine bound life in cities, vacation plays a vital role for our families, spending leisure and quality time together and as we leave behind home to Haridwar and Rishikesh luxuriant sceneries start themselves unfolding a perfect adventure holiday.

Adventure Trekking in Bedni Bugyal:
The whole route to Ali Bedni Bugyal involves easy to medium grade trekking. The enthralling treks take some through enchanting valleys, hushed hamlets, and conifers and oak forests. Bedni Bugyal is one of the most beautiful meadows in India. Bedni Bugyal provides breathtaking view of the Trishul peak and one cannot resist capturing the majestic snow covered peak with their camera. For wildlife and nature-photographers, Bedni Bugyal offers lot of opportunities to capture nature at its best.

Trekking is a great adventure sports in Bedni Bugyal to enjoy nature. Wan is the last village en route Bedni Bugyal. Varied colors and diversified splendors of nature can be seen on this enchanting trek to Bedni Bugyal. The reflection of the majestic Trishul peak on the crystal clear water of Bedni Kund is purely enchanting. Ali Bugyal is a vast expanse of green meadows with coniferous trees on the slopes.





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