Siachen Glacier Trekking Adventure, Siachen Glacier Trek Details and How to get permission Siachen Glacier Trekking

Siachen Glacier Trekking to the world’s highest battlefield in the world is a very unique and a life time adventure. The Govenrment has opened up the Siachen Glacier Trekking Adventure Expedition for the civilians to gain first-hand experience of the tough conditions in which soldiers operates. Siachen Trek With The Indian Army Is The Adventure Of A Lifetime and if you are an adventure person who which to do something different then this Siachen Glacier trek is for you. The Siachen Glacier Trek is a program that was first held in 2007 by the Indian Army Adventure Dept, now they carry this out each year. The ice clad trek and mountains in gets your adrenaline boosted. For going on Siachen Glacier Trekking Adventure of 60km trek from Siachen Base Camp to Kumar Post, you should be medically and physically fit, under 45 and with 30 days of holiday inhand. The Glacier trek occupies about a large part of this time, the rest is the arrangement.

Siachen Glacier Trek in the Eastern karakoram Range of Himalayas on the Northeast side of the startegic point NJ9842, it is one of the longest glacier in the karakoram Range and Second in the world at an altitude of 5753 Mtrs above sea level. Siachen Glacier is extremely snow-clad region of karakoram range and it lies on south line which separates the Eurasian Plate from the Indian subcontinent. The major passes on this ridge are, Gyong La at 5,689 m (18,665 ft), Bilafond La at 5,450 m (17,880 ft) and Sia La at 5,589 m (18,336 ft). The average winter snowfall is above 35 ft and temperatures can drop upto −50 °C (−58 °F). Siachen Glacier covers about 700 Sq. km. The Siachen Glacier Trekking in Negative Temperature is the toughest part and one must take all this point into consideration, as a normal person body may not be adaptable to harsh climate.

Siachen Glacier Trekking Adventure Details
Trek Starts in September/October from Siachen Glacier Base Camp and covers 60 Km climb to Kumar Post located at a height of 18,300 ft. A life time adventure lasts for a month which includes Training for acclimatization and learning carrying heavy rucksack, snow and Rock crafting, and other surviving techniques. Following medical exams like blood test, Oxygen in blood, ECG is carried out to check the fitness level of the trekker. and the trek which itself lasts for 13 days.

Perquisite for Siachen Glacier Trek Trekking Adventure
Since it is an harsh trek basic mountaineering course and/or have done previous glacier treks.

How to Apply for Siachen Glacier Trek Trekking
Latest Government Rule will be updated soon, while currently the application form can be downloaded from army website




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