Adventure Sports In Orchha And Orchhah Adventure Activities Guide

The historic town of Orchha, nestled on the banks of river Betwa, was founded in the 16th century by the Bundela Rajput Chief, Rudra Pratap. Here, the river Betwa splits into seven channels, also called the Satdhara. Legend goes that this is in honour of the seven erstwhile Chiefs of Orchha. Orchha is a popular tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh. The ancient town seems frozen in time, with its many monuments continuing to retain their original grandeur even to this day. Here you will find some of the most fascinating temples and palaces that will help you realise a childhood fantasy travelling back in time!

Activities in Orchha are a mix of adventure sports and some laid-back vibes amidst scenic beauty. Orchha comes with an ideal terrain and atmosphere to spend active holidays and make plenty of unforgettable memories. So, explore the wilderness of Orchha and spend some time in the lap of nature with these exciting adventure sports in Orchha has to offer. From the most adventurous experiences to the most popular ones, the following list combines it all to make sure you do not miss these unique experiences while planning a trip to Orchha.
Some of the adventure sports in Orchha that you can enjoy.

Adventure River Rafting Betwa River in Orchha:
On the list of adventure sports in Orchha, river rafting should be the first activity one should indulge in. The turbulent currents of the river Betwa offer an adventurous trail for you before eloping into the Yamuna. Rafting through the fresh waters of the Betwa river, the energy flowing through the water will charge you up. There are Grade I to Grade II rapids that would bring out the adventurer in you. The river flows along the beautiful Chhatris of the Bundela rulers, offering you a quick tour across the Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary.

Adventure Jungle Safari in Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary:
The sanctuary lies within the area through which the Betwa river flows. The next thing on the list of adventure sports in Orchha is a safari at this scenic marvel in a little corner of Madhya Pradesh. Established in the year 1994, the sanctuary is the home to a few of dense plantations of Dhawa trees and Kardhai Trees and is among the best wildlife sanctuary of Madhya Pradesh. Along with the Betwa River, the Jamni River also quenches the thirst of the wildlife of this sanctuary. The sanctuary is around 46 and offers adventure sports in Orchha like fishing, canoeing, trekking, and camping.

Adventure Kayaking Betwa River in Orchha:
A true adventure sports activity that the Betwa river offers. The most easily spotted monuments along the kayaking course are the 14 Chattris, which stand tall and reflect in the river. Another key part of Orchha, the river takes the kayakers along the boundary of the Orchha Natural Reserve. This gives the adventure sports lovers a closer look at the vivid species of birds that have made the reserve their home. Kayaking is the most exciting adventure sports in Orchha. With Grade I and Grade II type rapids making the river a magnet for kayakers, the experience of kayaking is enhanced by the forest and historic monuments along the bank of the river.

Adventure Boating Betwa River in Orchha:
The last on this list, but not on the list of adventure sports in Orchha. A calm and serene boat ride on the waters of Betwa would take away all the stress your body and mind bears. The boating in the river does come at a price, which again depends on how far you are willing to explore. For people seeking solitude, a 30-minute boating experience in the tranquil waters of the Betwa rivers would redefine peace for you. The river, ornamented by the numerous temples around it, offers a beautiful setting for the birdwatchers. With over 200 species of birds hunting for food near the banks, the river attracts thousands of tourists around the year.





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