Adventure Sports In Kochi And Kochi Adventure Activities Guide

Activities in Kochi destination an absolute cocktail of many different cultures, Indian as well as Non-Indian, Kochi has been an important destination for centuries together. Also known as Cochin, this place has not only been attracting travelers but also traders from all parts of the world. Adventure Sports In Kochi or Cochin is a vibrant place filled with many important tourist places. Fort Kochi, Dutch Palace, Hill palace, Bolgatty Palace and many other important tourist attractive architectural marvels are found here. If you are interested in water related activities, Marine drive, Kochi beach, Cherai beach and Willingdon Islands are some of the important places to visit. There are a lot of tourist attractions in this place and visit during the rainy or winter season to enjoy Ayurvedic massages treatment. Known as the "Gateway to Kerala", Kochi is an enchanting city that's had an eclectic influence. The Arabs, British, Dutch, Chinese, and Portuguese have all left their mark on the city. Most people recognize Kochi from pictures of the famous Chinese fishing nets that line the waterfront. Fort Kochi is full of architecture and historical sites, and is a marvelous place to stroll around and explore on foot. You can also catch a Kathakali dance performance and get an Ayurvedic treatment. The Cherai and the Fort Cochin beaches are popular destinations for exciting water sports. One can take a dip in the Arabian Sea and enjoy a long swim at the Fort Cochin beach.

Adventure Water Sports In Kochi
The activities in Kochi destination waves at Cherai beach are ideal for surfing. Water skis/jets and water scooters are available on rent at both Fort Cochin and Cherai beaches for a heady combination of speed and thrill! Adventure Sports In Kochi water Sports in Kochi takes a rather softer turn with this knee boarding experience. Sit on a surfboard and row your way to adventure. Learn to row surfboard as you sit on your knees.

Adventure Wildlife Safari In Kochi
activities in Kochi destination is a secured winged creature haven, the Mangavalam Bird Sanctuary is a sheltered home numerous fascinating types of transient just as inhabitant feathered creatures. Fowl watchers and picture takers will especially cherish this spot for the chance to spot a wide range of assortments of winged creatures and to click from different points.





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