Adventure Sports In Yusmarg And Yusmarg Adventure Activities Guide

Lying around 47 km south of Srinagar is a pristine hill station where nature's beauty blooms in its fullest. The hill station, named Yusmarg, is a perfect rejuvenation as well as adventure sports destination. It is placed at a height of 7,500 feet above sea level and lies in Pir Panjal Mountain Range. Offering a striking diorama of valleys, meadows and peaks, Yusmarg is the perfect gateway to explore the beauty of the southern part of Kashmir Valley. There is no shortage of attractions in Yusmarg. From holy shrines to exotic places, Yusmarg gives many reasons to travelers to visit it once in a lifetime. Nilnag Lake, Dudh Ganga, Tosa Maidan, Sang e Safed, Charari Sharief and Pakharpora Shrine are the popular attractions located in and around Yusmarg.
Some of the adventure sports in Yusmarg that you can enjoy on a adventure tour to Yusmarg:

Adventure Trekking in Yusmarg:
A major trekking route from Yusmarg eads to a famous spot called Tosa Maidan, a large meadow used for cattle grasing by nomads. This area is connected through rough routes to places like Gulmarg and Poonch. The region is full of springs , the one at Khag is most famous for the curative properties. Trekking is a popular adventure sport in Yusmarg.

The natural slopes of Yusmarg offer skiing opportunities to experts. School camps and adventure lovers make a week to fortnights stay at Yusmarg for the thrilling trekking routes around. Day treks are mostly commenced by the visitors. Stay in personal tents is recommended for the visitors intending to stay for longer duration. The expeditions to the various peaks in the range can be organized through the reputed Travel Agents in Srinagar.

Adventure Horse riding in Yusmarg:
Horse riding in the valley can be great fun, the ponywallas in Yusmarg have quite reasonable charges for a ride compared to other destinations. Many people love for Horse riding adventure sports in Yusmarg. A visit in summer to a place like Yusmarg will positively be cherished by every one in a group. Yusmarg is suitable for young couples, as it is quietest place out of all tourist destinations.

Adventure Camping in Yusmarg:
Yousmarg is prime attraction of the camping lovers School camps and adventure lovers make a week to fortnights stay at Yousmarg for ththrilling camping. Camping is the favorite adventure sports in Yusmarg.

Adventure Trout fishing in Yusmarg:
The waterways of Kashmir are stocked with numbers of rainbow and brown trout species of fish which were introduced by British in the 19th century. The trout fishing is famous in Kashmir. The fishing season mostly is from March to October. Fishing in the Doodh Ganga for fresh trout is a popular adventure sports in Yusmarg. The visitors have the opportunity to learn the ious steps involved in breeding trout and enjoy the special trout delicacies special to this place.




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