Adventure Sports In Melli And Melli Adventure Activities Guide

Activities in Melli destination is additionally spelled as Malli it is a town on the West Bengal-Sikkim outskirt close to the River Teesta. Adventure Sports In Melli is one of only a handful couple of towns in India that lies in two unique states. The Jawaharlal Nehru Bridge interfaces the two pieces of the town. It is the longest scaffold in Sikkim. The piece of the town in West Bengal is likewise called as Melli Bazaar. The town lies on National Highway associating Siliguri to Gangtok.

Adventure River Rafting In Melli
Adventure Sports In Melli is the principle section point for West and South Sikkim areas. River rafting can likewise be embraced starting here. Activities in Melli destination Bazar on the Sikkim side is one of the 31 supporters of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly.





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