Adventure Sports In Lahaul Spiti And Lahaul Spiti Adventure Activities Guide

The Lahaul-Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh is famous for its scenic beauty and adventure sports and activities. The Himalayas are an attraction for curious adventure seekers who come down here for the best adventure sports in Lahaul Spiti such as trekking, hiking, mountaineering, camping, motorcycle touring, biking, nature walks, jeep safaris etc. The Pin Parvati trekking expedition is a famous trek for those who love long treks. This trek lasts over a period of ten days and the path takes you through some of the best locations in the country. You can see beautiful valleys and hills, mountain passes, rivers, small remote villages and religious places. The Hampta Pass and Chandratal Lake trek that takes about five days and four nights is a treat for nature lovers. One of the best adventure sports in Lahaul Spiti, these two places are stunning when it comes to nature's beauty. You will see Rani River, Chika, Balu ka Ghera, and Shea Gaharu on the course of five days.

This trek is perfect for nature walks when you can go around your camping site and explore places nearby when you are not trekking on the route. The camping locations are some of the best, located by a lake or in a clearing in the woods etc. The Spiti Valley, situated at 12500 feet, is captivating with its wild beauty. You will see some of the well known trekking places here, namely the Key Monastery, Tabo Village, Kalpa, Sangla Valley, Dhankar Gompa, Nako Village, Rampur, Chandratal Lake, Kaza Village, Kibber Village, Pin Valley National Park etc. All the expeditions and treks include camps, amenities and all the facilities such as food, trekking gears, transportation etc. You will have an amazing time in Lahaul-Spiti because of the diversity in scenery it provides. The mountain air and scenic beauty is bound to do wonders on your adventure sports in Lahaul Spiti, as you will find.

Adventure Trekking in Lahaul Spiti:
Lahaul & Spiti offers excellent trekking routes to trekkers. Trekking is a great adventure sports in Lahaul Spiti to enjoy nature. Grand Himalayan trek is one of the most popular routes located in the Lahaul & Spiti region. Pin Parvati route is another recommended trek leads to Chandra valley.

Adventure River Rafting in Lahaul Spiti:
Tourists can enjoy river rafting on Chandra river overlooked by the moonscape of Lahaul Spiti. Though rafting is tough in this river, but with due care it can be done.

Adventure Mountaineering in Lahaul Spiti:
Lahaul offers many promising peaks for the mountaineers. The Mulkila group and the peaks of Chandra Bhaga are some of the toughest peaks in the area. The Chandra Bhaga is a solid mass of rock and ice encircling the most hostile terrain on earth. Unconquered peaks are also found near the Bara Shigri Glacier and at the headwaters of the Parvati River. You have a better way to enjoy the scenery in such an adventure sports in Lahaul Spiti.





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