Adventure Sports In Mollem National Park And
Mollem National Park Adventure Activities Guide

If you truly want to become one with nature and escape the city life, then head to the Mollem National Park in Goa for a Wildlife Safari. You get to spot animals like panthers, bears, deer, and over 200 species of birds such as emerald doves, Malabar pied hornbill and even the paradise flycatcher. The safari is extremely thrilling and an experience of a lifetime. Driving around the sanctuary while basking in the beautiful sights is rejuvenating. You can also spot the Dudhsagar Falls, the beauty of which is surreal. You can experience adventure sports in Dev Tibba.

Adventure Hiking in Mollem National Park:
An outdoor activity, hiking usually involves walking on paths or tracks that are pretty much challenging and offers an offbeat experience of exploring the least visited vicinities. Mollem National Park the most sought after hiking destinations in Goa. The muddy trails are also considered ideal for an enthralling hiking experience adventure sports in Mollem National Park. Witness and experience how delicately nature has preserved all its fantasies and houses several endangered wildlife species during this hike! Come across some of the spectacular views that can easily behold all your senses and give you a reason to admire the pristine beauty of the nature. Before embarking on a usual hiking expedition, one should take care of some of the important facts and features. While physical fitness play an important role for a blissful experience, selection of proper hiking goods and equipment also add to the ease of hiking. Walking sticks, proper shoes or hiking boots, water bottles, energy drinks and bars, first-aid kit, hiking poles, torch with extra pair of cells and bulbs, hats, sunscreen lotions, insect repellents and other necessary things are a must to consider before embarking on any hiking trip.

Adventure Jeep Safari in Mollem National Park:
Experience a thrilling, off-road adventure on this full-day tour in Mollem National Park from Goa. Hop aboard your jeep with a guide, travel through the forests of the Western Ghats and arrive at Dudhsagar Falls for a picnic, swim and panoramic views. The favorite adventure sports in Mollem National Park, Jeep Safari is an ideal way to get close with nature. Then visit a local spice farm to learn about the cultivation of herbs, tropical fruits and spices. Sit down to a buffet lunch of Goan cuisine before returning to your original departure point.





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