Adventure Sports In Mahabaleshwar And Mahabaleshwar Adventure Activities Guide

A delightful destination snuggled in the lap of magnificent mountain ranges of the Western Ghats, Mahabaleshwar boasts an exciting environment. It used to be the summer capital of the Bombay province during the time of British Raj and is now one of the most beautiful hill stations in the country. The city is graced with breathtaking views of hills and valleys, blooming orchards, gushing waterfalls, lush green forests and exotic wildlife. The city is also affectionately referred to as ‘Basket of Strawberries' because the climate is just right for growing a variety of berries. One can walk around town and enjoy some ice cream or jams made from the strawberries grown on the hilly slopes of the city. Mahabaleshwar is visited by a sea of tourists every single year. Some popular sightseeing spots include Arthur's Seat, Lodwick Point, Kate's Point, Krishnabai Temple, Connaught Peak, Pratapgad Peak, Lingmala Waterfalls and so much more. Whether to beat the summer heat, marvel at the beauty of Mother Nature or relish the treats made from the fresh produce here, there's so much to discover about Mahabaleshwar.

Mahabaleshwar leaves no stone unturned to get the adrenaline rushing through those who love adventure. Along with many other adventure sports in Mahabaleshwar, there are enthralling activities that will excite you. These adventure activities in Mahabaleshwar will leave you with a memorable experience. Choose to show off your fearless side by opting for the best of adventures sports in Mahabaleshwar. Being a true adrenaline junkie, you possibly cannot miss out these Mahabaleshwar adventurous activities. So, plan a trip to Mahabaleshwar now and be ready to experience the ultimate rush.
Some of the adventure sports in Mahabaleshwar that you can enjoy.

Adventure Ride a shikara over the beautiful Venna Lake in Mahabaleshwar:
The Venna Lake at Mahabaleshwar is one stunning masterpiece of nature. Surrounded by lush hills and trees on all sides, this shimmering lake is dotted with colourful boats or 'Shikaras' and offers a memorable experience to visitors. One of the best adventure sports in Mahabaleshwar is to take a private boat tour on this silken water and enjoy the breathtaking views of the bordering hills from a unique perspective. There are a number of eating joints lined up by the lake-side, so don't worry about your hunger pangs when here!

Adventure Lingmala Waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar:
The Lingmala Falls are located just 6 km away from Mahabaleshwar and make up for some of the most amazing adventure sports in Mahabaleshwar in June. Trekkers, hikers, couples, nature lovers it is the perfect spot for a rejuvenating dip in those cool cascading waters. Hike up this waterfall to experience pure ecstasy amid lush green surroundings.

Adventure Pratapgarh Fort in Mahabaleshwar:
Pratapgad does this name remind you of the famous Battle of Pratapgad? Indeed! This is the site where Shivaji Maharaj defeated Afzal Khan, commander of Bijapur Sultanate, and also the place where the tomb of Afzal Khan lies. Located at the west of Mahabaleshwar, this majestic structure is known for its historical grandeur. The fort is perched amidst lush greenery and rolling hills at a whopping height of about 3,540 feet above sea level. It was built by Shivaji in 1656. Scenic ponds, large chambers, and long dark corridors never fail to fascinate tourists who make it a point to explore the intriguing architecture. The interesting feature of the fort is that it is divided into Upper Fort which faces the northern and western side of the hill and the Lower Fort that is located on the southern and eastern side. Not only historians and explorers, but even nature lovers can spend a wonderful time exploring the beauty of this place.

Adventure Connaught Peak in Mahabaleshwar:
A lot of adventure seekers and nature lovers will agree that the marvels of Mahabaleshwar are best enjoyed on foot. The enchanting Connaught Peak is located at a height of 1400 meters. Earlier known as Mount Olympia, this second highest peak in Mahabaleshwar was renamed after the Duke of Connaught, who was fascinated with the natural splendor of this divine destination. The rugged yet interesting terrain attracts a lot of adventure lovers to explore the untouched beauty of Connaught Peak. On arrival, you are bound to experience delightful satisfaction as you gaze at the magical beauty of Venna Lake, Pratapgad Fort, and the Krishna Valley. It also provides a breath-taking view of Rajgarh, Kamalgad, Torana in the North, and Ajinkyatara in the South. Connaught Peak serves as an excellent spot to click some amazing pictures of the wonderful surroundings.

Adventure Elephant's Head Point in Mahabaleshwar:
Elephant's Head Point, also known as Needle Hole Point, never fails to steal the admiration of countless tourists who visit this place throughout the year. The aura here is peaceful and magnetic and perfect to unwind and rejuvenate. Situated at the extreme end of the hill, Elephant's Head Point lies beyond Lodwick Point. The natural process of rock formation with a hole in the middle makes it appear like a needle hole. Also, the cliff on one side of the hole resembles the head of an elephant, and therefore the name. This place is apt to capture the marvelous beauty of the Sahyadri mountain range. Enjoy a pony ride as you travel towards this popular sightseeing point, or you can also travel here on foot after parking your vehicles at the parking point. This is adventure sports in Mahabaleshwar for you. Have fun as you capture the beauty of this lush green and serene destination in your cameras.

Adventure Trek To Arthur's Seat in Mahabaleshwar:
Feel the thrill as you trek to the mesmerizing Arthur's Seat. This charming and popular adventure sports in Mahabaleshwar, a marvelous hill station in the Western Ghats range of Maharashtra. Enveloped by the mysterious Savitri gorge on one side and a lush, emerald green plateau on the other side, this place is perfect to ease your mind and unwind in nature's lap. Located at a whooping height of 1340 meters, this place is named after Arthur Mallet, who is believed to be the first man to visit this place and build a house here. Feel the excitement as you walk through the winding trails and descend the steep slopes. The fresh burst of oxygen is a perfect treat for your mind and body. Many nature lovers and explorers make it a point to trek to this enchanting place and feel enchanted as they gaze at the beautiful ranges of Mahabaleshwar Koleshwar, Pratapgad, Chandragad, and Raireshwar.

Adventure Birdwatching at Babington Point in Mahabaleshwar:
Located at an elevation of 1,294 m above sea level, Babington Point is the favourite place of nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and birdwatchers in and near Mahabaleshwar. It's tranquil environment, excellent weather, and a sprawling cover of lush greenery lure in various kinds of animals and birds. Which is why a visit to this paradise is an absolute must and among the most incredible Mahabaleshwar things to do for wildlife lovers. Giving a soothing sense of peace and solitude, Babington Point is a marvelous place to visit during monsoons when the chance of spotting its winged visitors is the highest.

Adventure Thrill of jungle trekking Tapola in Mahabaleshwar:
Often called the Mini Kashmir of central India, Tapola is a rustic hamlet adorned by the beautiful Shivsagar Lake. Known for its pastoral beauty, Tapola makes up for a great spot for jungle trekking and nature walks, which is why it is frequented mostly by adventure seekers and nature huggers. Trekking and hiking in the forest here allow one to get up and close with an abundant range of flora, fauna, and avifauna. Other than jungle trekking, one can also enjoy few watersports in the quiet waters of the lake, like boating, water scooter rides, kayaking, and swimming, some of the best adventure sports in Mahabaleshwar.





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