Adventure Sports In Dhanaulti And Dhanaulti Adventure Activities Guide

Dhanaulti is a small town near Mussoorie, beautifully nestled amid the lofty Himalayan peaks. It can be a destination in itself, but it's more of a serene pit stop for travelers heading for longer journeys or a leisure Uttarakhand holiday. Thus, places to visit in Dhanaulti are not any grand attractions, but small and beautiful places that offer solitude and peace, close to nature.

Located at an altitude of 2286 m and away from the city hustle-bustle, Dhanaulti offers a range of serene places for sightseeing and absolute relaxation. Devoid of fancy hotels and modern cafe-style eateries, this is the place if you are seeking a weekend of privacy in the hills. Tourists flock to experience the varied adventure sports in Dhanaulti. It will bring you closer to nature and you can indulge in a number of adventures like river crossing, trekking, rappelling, rock climbing and much more. Here you can enjoy along with your family and friends. A person of any age can enjoy this thrilling adventure, provided you are an adventure enthusiast and physically fit. Some of the adventure sports in Dhanaulti that you can enjoy.

Adventure Sky Walk in Dhanaulti:
A tour of Dhanaulti is incomplete without trying the several adventure activities, among which Sky Walk is the most thrilling adventure sports in Dhanaulti. It is an activity arranged by Snow Adventure Zone for the young and adventuresome. Walking across a 360 ft long wire that is set 120 ft above the ground is truly blood-tingling! A lifetime experience for any adventure lover, Sky Walk can be enjoyed as a sole activity or part of a package containing more of such adventure sports. Sky Sky Walk in Dhanaulti and Dhanaulti. This new thrilling adventure activity is opened for public first time in the world ( Sky Wire - as seen in the Discovery channel) walking upon a 360 ft. long single wire rope at the height of 120 ft. by free hand gives you a new thrill and feeling of Dare Devils. You just attached on supporting wire rope with the help of a harness and then walking on air upon a single wire rope without any hand support. Don't worry about your balance, this is a technique used by us you can not fall down at any case. so just for do sky walk and feel like walking on the sky at 120 ft high.

Adventure Sky Bridge in Dhanaulti:
Sky Bridges are basically bridges which connect two mountains and are hanging over the valleys. They are usually made of wires and bamboos, and only few individuals can walk over it at a time.If you crave adventure, and you want to taste how it feels like to walk on air, then this is the adventure sports in Dhanaulti for you. Made of just wire ropes and bamboos, this sky bridge is the longest adventure bridge in India, spanning the length of 300 feet and at a height of around 80 feet above the ground. The bridge shakes while you are crossing over it. This is what thrill and adventure is all about. With the capacity to support 25 people at a time, you will be harnessed and attached to the bridge with a supporting wire rope. You have to cross the hanging bridge with the support of your hands. Come sign up for our activity, and experience the greatest thrill of your life.

Adventure Valley crossing in Dhanaulti:
Valley crossing Adventure sports in Dhanaulti and Dhanaulti. Crossing the valley of 80 ft. height with the help of a pulley by pulling your own hand is a tough guy sport . You have harnessed and tied up on the rope with pulley then you have to cross 240 ft. long and 80 ft. deep valley with the help of your hand by pulling the rope as a commando . the more you pulled the rope the more you crossed the valley. And now we have Two Parallel Wires for Valley Crossing (specially for Racing with your Partner) . Tailor-made for the adventurer, who loves the thrill and rush of adrenaline that adventure sport brings, or the would-be adventurer who is looking to try something new. We offer to you a thrilling adventure sport in the beautiful Doon Valley in the Himalayan foothills. You will get to cross a valley, between two hills, at a height of 110 feet above the ground.

You will have to pull yourself across the valley, for a distance of 360 ft from mountain to mountain, while harnessed on a rope that is tied to a suspended rope with a pulley. Sign up for this sport if you are looking for the perfect test of your strength as well as the greatest thrill. Pull yourself across a valley in the Himalayas, while suspended high up in the air.

Adventure Zip Swing in Dhanaulti:
Zip Swing activity gives you the fun and thrill of both Zipline and Giant Swing at the height of 80 ft. After harnessed and attached with wire rope first you go by zipping on wire rope and then reaching at the middle we make you swing high at 80 ft. and then return back . this activity is just like Takkilla shot. If you are looking for some adventure filled experience, then come to the amazing venue. Feel the unlimited and unrivalled thrill by taking part in the exciting 60 meters zip swing activity. The marvellous outdoor recreational activity is performed on a stretched cable, and by swinging with the help of. If it's fun and thrill that you seek, then you are in for a real treat. In this activity, we offer you twice the fun, excitement and adventure, when you get to try two of the most thrilling experiences the Zipline and the Giant Swing, at a height of 80 feet. Strap yourself tight, secure the harness and then whiz across the tight rope from one end, and feel the rush as you pick up the speed across the zipline. Wait! It only gets better. At the middle of the rope, you'd be swung high in the air before your return to the starting point.

Adventure Zip line in Dhanaulti:
Zip line Adventure sports in Dhanaulti and Dhanaulti is very famous adventure activity for fun and thrill. You are harnessed and attached on wire rope with the help of pulley at the higher end and then slide free fall on that wire rope with speed of 50 kmph to the lower end of 330 ft. long . This activity is very thrilling and accelerator. Ever wanted to fly like the Superman? Well, now you can do that at Dhanaulti Adventure Zone at Kempty Falls. Zip Lines Dhanaulti arranges the activity called 'Sky Trek' also known as 'Man vs Superman' at the Dhanaulti Adventure Zone. It is the ultimate adventure! You will be suspended from a 600 feet long zip line that is at a height of 200 feet and goes over the Kempty Falls gorge. You can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour while travelling across the zip line!

Adventure Trekking in Dhanaulti:
Dhanaulti has more than just enough to please trekking enthusiasts. Trekking is the most exciting adventure sports in Dhanaulti. The trekking trails are not only adventurous, they are scenic too! To begin with, you can hike your way up to Lal Tibba or Gun Hill while enjoying thrilling views of the underlying valleys. Trekking in Dhanaulti and Dhanaulti is an Awesome feeling. We have many trekking routes near our SNOW ADVENTURE ZONE which includes dense forest of Deodar, Rodendodron, Oak , Beautiful valleys , mountains , splendid waterfalls, magnificent meadows and the Fascinating Great Himalayan views. Dhanaulti is also the base camp for some of the most famous treks in Uttarakhand, including the likes of Valley of Flowers and Nagtibba. Dhanaulti, located about 28 kilometres from Dhanaulti, is a scenic location clothed in beautiful deodar, rhododendron and oak trees and is a great place to go hiking, especially in one of the two eco parks here.

Adventure Rock Climbing in Dhanaulti:
Rock Climbing Adventure sports in Dhanaulti and Dhanaulti is a traditional Adventure Sports activity played by every country of the world. It has no need of any introduction however Rock Climbing is very good for confidence building. At SNOW ADVENTURE ZONE we have various type of Rocks for climbing like - 50 ft. , 100 ft. , 150 ft. 300 ft. to 600 ft. which very rare in any Adventure Park . So one chose by his/her own choice depending on their body strength & Guts. Rock Climbing is a traditional adventure sports played by every country of the world. It is considered as one of the best activities that is ideal for confidence building. It helps in muscular development and ensures cardiovascular endurance. Now get a chance to try this thrilling activity that combines strength, control and finesse. Learn the technique of using hands and feet to climb up the steep gradients of the rock.

Improve your concentration power and body flexibility. Tied with the safety cables and harness climb up and down the rocks according to the instruction of the professionals. Climb various type of rocks of 50 ft., 100 ft., 150 ft., 300 ft. to 600 ft. depending upon the body strength and guts. Meet the other adventure enthusiasts and pump your adrenaline rushes altogether.

Adventure Rappelling in Dhanaulti:
Rappelling Adventure sports in Dhanaulti and Dhanaulti is a traditional Adventure Sports activity played by every country of the world. It has no need of any introduction. Basically Rappelling is a descending by mountains with the help of rope . However Rappelling is very good for confidence building & thrilling activity . At SNOW ADVENTURE ZONE we have various type of Rocks for Rappelling like 50 ft. , 100 ft. , 150 ft. 300 ft. to 600 ft. which very rare in any Adventure Park. So one chose by his/her own choice depending on their body strength & Guts. Feed your adventure and thrill loving soul, a plenty of excitement by taking part in the sensational rock climbing and rappelling activity. Come with your thrill loving friends, and enjoy the unrivalled excitement and sensation. Rock climbing and rappelling are amazing activities, which is performed on the natural rock formations.

Adventure Camping in Dhanaulti:
Camping adventure sports in Dhanaulti and Dhanaulti at Camp Dhanaulti Magic is a fantastic experience. In total we have 20 Tents out of which we have 10 Swiss Luxury Tents and 10 Deluxe Tents with parmanent Food court . Each Swiss Luxury tents and Deluxe tent has attached bathroom toilets . Besides these tents we provide Alpine tents for Adventure lovers . Each Tent have the Great Himalayan views and valley views .Camp Dhanaulti Magic is surrounded by the Alpine trees of Deodar , Apple , Oak and Chest nut. Location – Camp Dhanaulti Magic is artistically located at 21 kms. From Dhanaulti and 3 kms. before Dhanaulti on Dhanaulti - Chamba Highway . Parking available....Camping is possibly the finest way to enjoy the serenity of nature with the company of your friends and family. In Camping one enjoy nature while spending one or several nights outdoors, usually at a campsite. Camping involves the use of a tent, caravan, cabin, a primitive structure, or no shelter at all.

Adventure ATV ( Quad Bikes) in Dhanaulti:
Quad Bikes Adventure sports in Dhanaulti and Dhanaulti. An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is also known as quad bike, and is an amazing off roader. The spectacular vehicle travels on low-pressure tires, and can travel on any type of uneven and rough terrain. Take part in the super exciting and fun-filled activity, and zoom on the dirt tracks with speed. Bring your adventure loving companions and revel in the unlimited gush of thrill and sensation. Enjoy the speeding ride as you ride the 4 wheeled bikes on the uneven and rough terrain. As your safety is foremost concern, all the safety gears will be provided to you at the venue. Zoom on the exhilarating dirt tracks and be assured as the activity will be taking place under the vigilant guidance of an instructor. Cover a total of 1.2 km distance or a maximum 8 laps in the exciting ATV biking activity, and experience the unmatched thrill.

Adventure Paragliding in Dhanaulti:
We Operate Paragliding in Dhanaulti & Himalayas Expedition tour also besides Zip lines Superman Rides. A Tandem Joyride in Paragliding, is a two seater joy ride with a Proffesional pilot holding an international tandem license and an experience of more than 3000 hours of flying. Paragliding is amazing adventure sports in Dhanaulti. This is surely the most easiest way to taste the thrill and fun of free flight ! No training or experience required, no one is too young or old for it. Just sit with the pilot on a separate and comfortable seat and enjoy the fun. And yes, do bring your camera along, the world looks wonderful from the top. We fly only long Rides min. 1 hour. Or 15 kms. ( Height approx. 10000 ft.), Because in Dhanaulti wind conditions are not suitable for short flights. So if you are the person kind of Daredevil who want to fly in the Sky with the height of 10000 ft. then you are welcome to the club of SKY RIDERS .

Adventure Mountain Biking in Dhanaulti:
Mountain bikes is super thrilling adventure sports in Dhanaulti. It is all about speed, control and thrill and is one of the latest ways of exploring and discovering new vistas of the Himalayan landscape. The rugged terrain and steep slopes, though risky at times, provide great Mountain Biking experience in Uttarakhand and Himalayas .

Mountain Biking and Cycling can be great ways to explore the towns and villages that fringe the foothills of the Himalayas. It also gives tourists the opportunity to understand the challenges that mountains have in store for them. A lovely biking route all along the ridge of the Dhanaulti range, lovely oak, rhododendron and deodar forests. Spectacular views of Great Himalayas and some comfortable riding with the obvious challenge of a Off Road Mountain terrain. A lovely weekend mountain bike trip.

Adventure Cable Car in Dhanaulti:
Take a picturesque cable car ride from the Mall to Gun Hill. The pleasure of the thrilling ride is accentuated by the stunning scenery all around. On a clear day, you can get a good view of several peaks including the Bandarpunch from Gun Hill. From midway along the Mall, a cable car runs up to Gun Hill (2530m), which, on a clear day, has views of several peaks, including Bandarpunch. A steep path also winds up to the viewpoint. The most popular time to go up is an hour or so before sunset. There's a minicarnival atmosphere in season with kids' rides, food stalls, magic shops and honeymooners having their photos taken dressed up in Garhwali costumes.





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