Adventure Sports In Agasthyakoodam And Agasthyakoodam Adventure Activities Guide

Activities in Agasthyakoodam destination is accepted to be the habitation the incomparable Hindu Sage Agasthya. Sage Agastya is one among the 7 rishis (Sapta rishis) as indicated by Hindu Purana. Adventure Sports In Agasthyakoodam is said that Tamil dialect is an aid from Sage Agastya. Subsequently, this place is regularly visited by trekkers who have known about this heaven on the humble natural surroundings in Kerala. The Agasthyakoodam woods are a nature-darling's heaven and are broadly known for the inexhaustible untamed life and the uncommon restorative herbs and plants they are home to. Your visit to activities in Agasthyakoodam destination will guarantee that you appreciate a nearby experience with nature getting it done, wherein you can investigate thick timberlands, snow topped mountains, rambling prairies and the picturesque excellence of the relentless Sahyadri Range.

Adventure Trekking In Agasthyakoodam
Activities in Agasthyakoodam destination trekking is one of the hardest trails in India. owever, very few individuals know about this novel backwoods on the lower regions of the pinnacle of Agasthya Koodam which is the second most astounding top in Kerala lying on the Western Ghats.

Adventure Wildlife Safari In Agasthyakoodam
Adventure Sports In Agasthyakoodam is the second most elevated pinnacle situated in Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary at Thiruvananthapurm. The activities in Agasthyakoodam destination travel industry here is limited since it is a biosphere save and a home to numerous wild creatures.





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