Adventure Sports In Surajkund And Surajkund Adventure Activities Guide

Surajkund village gets its name from the popular artificial lake, Surajkund. The village is an amazing getaway for the tourists looking for a peaceful vacation. In the month of February is advisable to visit as the popular Surajkund Fair is organized every year. The fair showcases unique colors of celebration and joy. The lake is also praised for its tranquility and the embankment that is designed in the form of amphitheater.

The beautiful circular artificial lake, which is praised for its unspoilt serenity. The Aravalli range in the backdrop also enhances the beauty of the lake. The lake was built by Suraj Pal (Tomar King) to worship God Sun since 10th century. The adventure sports in Surajkund that you can enjoy.

Adventure Artificial Wall Climbing in Surajkund:
Artificial rock climbing may not be the as cool as climbing the Everest. But if you are looking for adventure sports in Surajkund, Delhi Indian Mountaineering Foundation center in South Campus is the perfect place to be. Reminiscent of excitement and adventure, artificial rock climbing tests your physical strength and willpower.





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