Adventure Sports In Cotigaon Wildlife And Cotigaon Wildlife Adventure Activities Guide

However the principle attraction of Cotigaon Wild life Sanctuary are the reptiles and monkeys. It's a popular tourist destination. The number of majestic tigers which had been the main assets, having decreased over the years, the white eyed eagle and woodpecker replaced them; therefore the prime attraction shifted to reptiles, birds and other smaller animals.

The 25 meters high watch tower is just unique; helping you to watch the animals in their natural habitat. Moreover a rest house located adjacent to the forest helps visitors with warm hospitality and genuine service. Plenty of nave creatures enjoying a wild life amidst the woods would entice even a misanthropist. Come and observe the woodpeckers pecking at the tree trunks, group of wild boars, chanting of Falcons and gay Thrushes whistling away.

Whilst you come here do make sure to visit the side of exceedingly fascinating Talpona River. You will be enamored by the beauty of this region. CotigaoWild Life Sanctuary in Goa offers an enjoyable Eco-Tourism, adventure sports, a memorable Jungle Safari.

Adventure Hiking in Cotigaon Wildlife:
Although the sanctuary does allow private vehicles within its bounds, some, more energetic individuals may prefer to hike through the park. Hiking is the most exciting adventure sports in Cotigaon Wildlife. There at eight trails that traverse the Wildlife Sanctuary and they vary in length from 500m to up to 5km.

Adventure Treetop Perches in Cotigaon Wildlife:
One experience that this sanctuary is unique in offering is the use of tree top lookout posts that overlook the watering hole/s frequented by the animals. There are six such watchtowers throughout the sanctuary, all of them being at least 25m off ground level. The favorite adventure sports in Cotigaon Wildlife, Treetop Perches is an ideal way to get close with nature.





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