Adventure Sports In Jodhpur And Jodhpur Adventure Activities Guide

Known as the 'Sun City' for the bright warm and the sunny weather Jodhpur is one of the most visited destination in the Rajasthan. This extraordinary city is steeped in adventure activity, culture, history and royalty. So while you are in Rajasthan you cannot miss adventure sports in Jodhpur which will make your vacation more exciting. Having the best adventure tours in Jodhpur, it is the one place for desert adventures no other can really match up to. Jodhpur is in the state of Rajasthan which is famous for its rugged life and desert wilderness. An adventure here is a memorable experience, especially if you are camping out in the desert. You can tour a local village, get to meet the people and know their lifestyles, and then camp at the designated spot while enjoying a beautiful sunset in the desert. It will surprise you how cold the nights can be in a desert, as compared to the heat during the day. Jodhpur and its outskirts are a perfect destination to camp. Camping in the desert is an event for three days and two nights to give you a complete experience of the lifestyle in the desert.

You can also go for paragliding in Jodhpur, the panoramic view from up there will certainly blow your mind. Jodhpur is the place of forts and historical monuments, so while in Jodhpur, definitely go for a sightseeing tour of the city. Some of the best adventures sports in Jodhpur also include zip lining and also camel safari rides around the gorgeous city. Riding on camels has long been a part of Rajasthan and you can experience this when you are there. If you are a rock climbing enthusiast, you can go to Bheem Bhadak where you can enjoy the activity. If you enjoy rappelling, you can visit Soorsagar near Jodhpur, where you can take part in the activity.
Some of the adventure sports in Jodhpur that you can enjoy.

Adventure Flying Fox in Jodhpur:
The zip line or flying fox is an interesting tourist attraction of the city. Given the gift of rocky terrain, Jodhpur offers zip lines at various destinations including Mehrangarh Fort. You can get a good view of the city and get your adrenaline pumping. The service is open throughout the year from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening. The price starts from 1500 INR per head and can change with time, season and others.

Adventure Paragliding in Jodhpur:
Enjoy the thrill of paragliding in the desert state of Rajasthan and experience a 360 degrees birds-eye view. Paragliding is the most exciting adventure sports in Jodhpur. Fly like a bird without any previous experience of flying and get treated to amazing views of the imperial landscape and architecture. Embark on a lifetime experience as a paraglider with your family or friends. Feel the wind on your face, the sky above your glider, ground below your feet and fly with confidence in the Sun City of India, Jodhpur. The unique experience of Paragliding over Jodhpur for an hour is much more thrilling than flying in a helicopter or a plane.

Adventure Tour On Camel in Jodhpur:
Experience the serenity and tranquility of Rajasthan with a farm picnic lunch in this colourful state! You will start from the hotel with a drive for about 3 km where the camels will wait for you to climb aboard to embark on a fun journey! When on a quest for adventure sports in Jodhpur; camel rides are the most obvious but also one of the most thrilling options. Jump on the camel's back and ride to the local Thakur Saabs farm where you can relax in the open fields under the Neem tree. Get familiar with the local spices and the traditional cooking methods and join your hosts on a stroll through the farm during which you'll learn more about life on the farm, the crops and their seasons and local farming practices

Adventure Cycling in Jodhpur:
Enjoy cycling through the best roads, alleys around the houses and the historic sites. Learn about the lifestyle of the people which plays a vital role in designing the culture as you continue your tour. Explore the various Step wells and Jhalra and learn about their history. Cycle through the the Blue city, The Sun City and The Walled City and learn about the place.

Adventure In Bheem Bhadak in Jodhpur:
If you love adventure and want to enroll for some adventure sports in Jodhpur, then this tour is the perfect fit for you. Get a pick up near the Bhim Bhadak Temple, Kailana Road and set out for your adventurous tour with ultimate thrill and excitement. Involve in the training session for rock climbing, rappelling and trekking, as the guide will explain the basics and the safety measures for the activities. Enjoy Boulder Climbing, Different styles of Rock climbing, Rappelling and trekking for about 3 hours before you conclude your tour.

Adventure Ziplining in Jodhpur:
Is the adrenaline junkie in you craving for something adventurous? Try Ziplining, also known as Flying Fox. Taking you above the city with the backdrop of Mehrangarh Fort, this activity is the best of all the fun things to do in Jodhpur.The circuit takes nearly 90 minutes to complete.





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