Adventure Sports In Kerwa Lake And Kerwa Lake Adventure Activities Guide

Kerwa dam is a popular picnic destination near Bhopal city. It is around 15kms from Bhopal city and very well connected by road. It was developed as an eco-tourism site where Bhopal people can spend their day while enjoying the scenic nature, birding, adventure sports etc. It covers 69sq.kms. area which includes it catchment area. It is a multi-purpose dam which is used for generation of Hydro-electric power, fulfill water requirement of Bhopal city and to develop an eco-tourism site where people can visit to spend their weekend time and children can enjoy the picnic.
Some of the adventure sports in Kerwa Lake that you can enjoy.

Adventure Flying Fox in Kerwa Lake:
The mere imagination of zipping across the longest twin zip in Central India over Kerwa lake itself feels electrifying. The 520 meters long Flying Fox twin zip lines crossing Kerwa Lake give you the real thrill of an adventure. Hanging and speeding together over the deep lake water is one of the sought-after adventure sports in Bhopal which are still unknown to many. Flying Fox is the most exciting adventure sports in Kerwa Lake. The well-trained staff of flying fox is not only friendly but absolute exemplary in what they offer. Kerwa Dam is about 15 kilometres away from Bhopal and the location is also perfect for rappelling and hiking expeditions.

Adventure Zip Line in Kerwa Lake:
At 520 m in length, Zip line adventure sports in Kerwa Lake, Bhopal is the longest twin flash in Asia, and the main twin zip line course to develop in India. The twin zip line experience incorporates individual equipment fitting at the Flying Fox office inside the picnic complex at Kerwa, a short trek over the dam and up to the peak begin point, a security preparation for all members via prepared educators, and a short practice zip line. Members then race down the twin zip lines in sets, beginning from a 20 ft high slope top watch out stage, crossing the Kerwa Lake and completing back at the Picnic Cafe.





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