Adventure Sports In Munnar And Munnar Adventure Activities Guide

Activities in Munnar destination roam amidst the tea gardens! Located in God’s own country Kerala, Munnar is undoubtedly the most romantic hill station in South India. Adventure Sports In Munnar is a great place to drive to, you know you’ve reached Munnar when you smell tea in the air. It’s literally everywhere, and you will go back smelling like a teabag. The entire area is a collection of small hillocks that are trek friendly, with lakes, and water falls and large expanses of dense, green forests maintained by the forest department. The green countryside is bound to take your breath away. Have a look at the sandalwood forest as well while you are touring this place in South India.

Adventure Cycling In Munnar
Adventure Sports In Munnar is blessed with enchanting beauty with zigzag roads offering the best view of lush green hills. Activities in Munnar destination venture into Madupatty tea estates and admire the beautiful view of Kundala Dam and Anamudi Chola near Anamudi National Park. Cycling in this location is the best ever experience you can have.

Adventure Trekking In Munnar
The activities in Munnar destination beautiful mountains of Munnar provide the perfect setting for going on an adventurous trekking expedition. Adventure Sports In Munnar is no dearth of hills, mountains and trekking trails in Munnar organize trekking expeditions. Some of the most scenic trekking trails in Munnar include the Anamudi peak in the Eravikulam National Park. Coupled with a visit to the National Park, this trekking trail is a gem - clouds floating by playing with the mountains and valleys covered in a cloak of green! Popular areas for trekking in Munnar include the Anumudi Peak, Rajamala Hills, Top Station, Devikulam, and Eravikulam National Park.

Adventure Biking In Munnar
Perhaps no sport is as adventurous and satisfying as mountain biking. The adventure Sports In Munnar ultimate form of adventure, mountain biking allows you to conquer rough terrain and master sharp turns and rocky paths. Activities in Munnar destination, wear your biking gear and feel an adrenaline rush as you tackle mountain trails and rush past the beautiful countryside. Biking trips are also organized by hotels and resorts in Munnar.





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