Adventure Sports In Kufri And Kufri Adventure Activities Guide

Kufri which is located very close to the picturesque and popular North Indian hill station of Shimla is a charming destination in its own right. Though beautiful throughout the year, Kufri looks especially beautiful in winter when it is covered by a white carpet of snow and the mountains echo with the excitement of skiers and children playing in the snow. If you are looking for activities that will set your adrenaline pumping and thrill you to the core, then Kufri is the place for you. Here is a glimpse of the top adventure sports in Kufri.

Adventure Trekking in Kufri:
Kufri is the highest point in the area and is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful destination to visit. It is also a popular trekking place in India. A trek through dense Himalayan forests is a great adventure and an opportunity to get close to the flora and fauna of the region. The salubrious surroundings of the place ensure the trek is something special and one also gets the opportunity of sighting antelopes and rare Himalayan birds. These include the Himalayan Monal which is a species of the Pheasant family. It is interesting to note that the Himalayan Monal is the national bird of Nepal. The summer months are ideal for Trekking adventure sports in Kufri.

Adventure Cycling in Kufri:
In the summer months, the mountain roads that lead in and out of Kufri are a delight for cycling enthusiasts. The stretch of mountain roads that meander through jaw dropping vistas of streams and waterfalls is a haven for hitting the saddle and pedaling away into the sunset.

Adventure Horse Riding in Kufri:
The verdant hills and steep mountain paths offer breathtaking views are ideal for horse riding. Horse Riding is thrilling adventure sports in Kufri. Galloping away on a horse through the Himalayan countryside is definitely an adventure that is guaranteed to thrill.

Adventure Skiing in Kufri:
Winter in Kufri heralds the advent of exciting and pulsating activity in the form of Winter adventure sports. Skiing, which is a sport that looks so graceful descends on Kufri with all its vitality. The carpet of snow and the path between potato plantations which in winter transforms into a skiing path is a hive of activity. For all looking to glide and fly through the snow with their skis on, then Kufri is the place to be in the winter months.

Adventure Yak Riding in Kufri:
The Himalayan Yak with its shaggy hair and humped shoulders is at once impressive and adorable. Yak Riding is the interesting adventure sports in Kufri for Kids. A ride on one of these Yak's is going to be the highpoint of a visit to Kufri, an experience that they are not going to forget and something that they are going to share with their awed friends, once back home.

Adventure Zip-Lining in Kufri:
Zip-Lining is a power and excitement packed adventure sports in Kufri. Zipping away, suspended in mid-air is an activity that never fails to thrill. Zip-lining in the environs of the mountainous forests around Kufri with breathtaking views on the way is a sure fire adventure filled activity.

Adventure Tobogganing in Kufri:
For the less adventurous and kids, tobogganing is an alternative to Skiing. This activity, however, is no less exciting. Perched on the toboggan and whizzing through the snow with icy winds lashing your face is in itself a great adventurous sports in Kufri. Children are sure to shriek with laughter and excitement as they plummet through the snow on a toboggan.

Adventure Ride A Yak in Kufri:
Get fascinated by the Yaks, which you find in this part of the world, amongst the few places across the globe. Adore the accessories and decorations of the attire they remain covered in and revel in the magnificence of these gargantuan creatures. Ride on one and enjoy the spell-binding beauty of the place. Feel the thrill as you experience the jerks during the ride. The cold weather is sure to make you realize the reason for their dense fur and cozy appearance. Watch the local kids happily mock at you as the bumps and shudders scare you and make your heart beat in your mouth. Take time to settle down and then look around at the picturesque scenery, with the perfect shades of white, greens and browns, complemented with a few bright hues here and there. Enjoy the joyride and relax for a while before you walk back to your accommodation with an experience, absolutely unmatched.

Adventure Sledging in Kufri:
Since time immemorial, sledges have been a way of commutation in places of heavy snowfall. However, today it has become a full-fledged snow sport for the enthusiasts to indulge in. Board a sledge and explore the endless stretch of white across the hills of Kufri. Feel the thrill as you go up the mountains and come down the valleys, while you look around at the captivating frames of the picturesque landscape here. Sledging is the most exciting adventure sports in Kufri. Imagine yourself as a part of the Social Science book you read back in school and live your childhood fancies right here. Feel at ease as your sledge slows down and feel the numbness accounting to the cold breeze that cuts through your face. Take a break from the exciting ride and feel the freshness of the atmosphere. If you are lucky and it starts snowing, you are sure to encounter a memorable experience, enough to captivate you for a lifetime.





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