Adventure Sports In Jaipur And Jaipur Adventure Activities Guide

Jaipur is famous worldwide as the 'Pink City' owing to its amazing structures built in pink sandstone. It's a popular tourist destination. The city's historic monuments that boast of its glorious past, chivalry, and valour of Rajput kings, welcomes every traveler to admire its array of monuments soaked in the glory of opulence and grandeur of the Rajput rulers. While the Pink City is synonymous with luxury and the spectacular journey of its rich past, make sure you visit the breathtaking adventure places in Jaipur that reveal the brighter side of the city on your next trip. Jaipur, one of the most beautiful Adventure Activity city.
Some of the adventure sports in Jaipur that you can enjoy.

Adventure Cycling in Jaipur:
Go on a cycling expedition and witness the unique combination of Indian and European architectural styles at the grand Nahargarh fort. A stunning feature of this palace is the Madhavendra Bhawan that has 12 identical suites for the queens. The suites were constructed in such a way that the Maharaja could visit any of the queen's rooms without the others finding out. This cycling expedition at the fort is one of the famous adventure places in Jaipur where you can enjoy a quick bite at the Padao Open Bar Restaurant on the terrace of this palace whilst enjoying the views of the city.

Adventure A Bumpy Elephant Ride in Jaipur:
Elephant safaris and rides are very popular among tourists to Rajasthan but it hardly ever gets better than this 4-hour elephant ride to most of the tourist hotspots in Jaipur. Bumpy Elephant Ride is the most exciting adventure sports in Jaipur.These hotspots include Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal and City Palace and it is easy to see how one can combine sightseeing with the adventure and thrill of getting up-close and personal with a magnificent elephant.

Adventure Jhalana Safari Park in Jaipur:
One of the most adventurous sports in Jaipur is to discover the exotic wildlife while embarking on a unique wildlife safari in Jaipur. Drive deep into the safari park, spot Leopards, striped Hyenas, Desert Foxes, Golden Jackals, Chitals, and many more species of animals. For the birdwatching lovers, one can witness few birds like Indian Pitta, Dusky Eagle, Owl, Spotted Owl etc. However, one will also get a chance to explore the desert areas on incredible night tours.

Adventure Bike Trip in Jaipur:
One of the famous outdoor adventure sports in Jaipur is a bike ride to Sambhar Lake. Bike ride is a popular activity in Jaipur. One not only gets to enjoy the rich culture of the town, but also experience the fresh air of the passing towns like Sawarda. One will also pass through a small village dedicated to the religious guru of the Sikh community and also is a home to a striking Gurdwara.

Adventure Balloon Ride in Jaipur:
Drift over the Pink City in a hot air balloon and experience the mesmerizing views of the forts and palaces nestled among the Aravalli ranges with Sky Waltz Balloon Safari in Kukas. Enjoy the plethora of colors and sounds of this city from up above. Hot-air balloon ride is one of the popular adventure sports in Jaipur for one day and are mostly held few hours before the sunrise and sunset, and each ride can accommodate up to 8 people.

Adventure Zorbing in Jaipur:
Zorbing is a little known but very enjoyable adventure activity that one can enjoy in Jaipur. The basic idea behind Zorbing is to be fitted inside a giant see-through inflatable along with other friends or family who are in a similar situation and then revel in the chaos that follows. Zorbing results in plenty of bumping into others and rolling over without the risk of injury.

Adventure ATV Bike Ride in Jaipur:
Don't for once think that the Jaipur tourist experience is all about tours of old palaces and temples; there are a fair share chill and thrills to enjoy here. ATV bike riding is one such adventure sports that one can enjoy in Jaipur. Riding on an ATV Bike presents unique thrills; this all-terrain vehicle allows you to traverse the roughest paths and enjoy the roughest rides. ATV Bike Ride is one such exciting adventure sports in Jaipur.

Adventure Rifle Shooting in Jaipur:
Rifle shooting at Star Shooting Academy is at once a thrilling adventure and a learning opportunity. This shooting range allows you the opportunity to learn to handle and operate a firearm at a basic level or even perfect the skills that you already have. The weapons at use here are 10 m. air rifles and pistols.

Adventure Camel Rides in Jaipur:
When on a quest for adventure sports in Jaipur; camel rides are the most obvious but also one of the most thrilling options. The camel is a unique animal; both magnificent and subservient to man and there is little that compares to enjoying Jaipur's hotspots from atop the back of a camel.





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