Adventure Sports In Chidiya Tapu And Chidiya Tapu Adventure Activities Guide

From Port Blair, the voyage would take around one hour to reach Chidia Tapu. On the off chance that you are intrigued to watch the nightfall it is prudent to take an evening outing to this place. Stays of trees removed amid Tsunami in 2004 are as yet present close to the shoreline. For experience darlings Chidia Tapu has somewhat more to offer. Activities in Chidiya Tapu destination is a trekking trail, which goes through backwoods and excellent drift line to achieve the Munda Pahad(Black Mountain). The adventure Sports In Chidiya Tapu trail begins at the shore of Chidiya Tapu shoreline and climbs going through thick timberland. It's fitting to take a guide or travel in gatherings to achieve the Munda Pahad. After achieving Munda Pahad, a stretched dark bluff at the edge of Chidia Tapu with a vast ocean scape is an astonishing site, which most explorers visiting these islands miss. Convey sustenance and water before beginning your trek to Munda Pahad. You could likewise enlist a ship from Chidiyatapu to Rutt Island and even the Cinque Island, another fascinating goal for individuals willing to go of the group.

Adventure Trekking In Chidiya Tapu
Activities in Chidiya Tapu destination prepare for the experience in the wild with this exciting trekking undertaking at Chidiyatapu, Port Blair. ass through the thick wildernesses and the little slopes previously coming to Chidiyatapu and go through Kalapathar. Snap some critical pictures here and afterward proceeds with your drive. Adventure Sports In Chidiya Tapu upon your entry, you will begin trekking to Munda Pahad through the thick wildernesses.

Adventure Wildlife Safari In Chidiya Tapu
Absorb the magnificence of the area and tune in to the peeping of the feathered creatures as you keep proceeding with your trek. Adventure Sports In Chidiya Tapu Chidia Tapu is 30 KM from primary city; this place is well known for nightfall see and for winged Wildlife Safari animal viewing. Assortments of winged animals visit this place. The activities in Chidiya Tapu destination street goes through woodland and little slopes up to the Chidia Tapu.

Adventure Water Sports In Chidiya Tapu
Activities in Chidiya Tapu destination bright butterflies, Pristine and clear Sea water, diverse shaded shells and so on add more to the excellence of Chidiya Tapu. Adventure Sports In Chidiya Tapu is perfect for Snorkeling.

Adventure Birds Watching In Chidiya Tapu
Activities in Chidiya Tapu destination is likewise named as "Fowl Island of Andaman and Nicobar". There are about 45 types of feathered creatures seen in this spot like Parakeet, Hanging Parrots, White Breasted Sea Eagle, Imperial Green Doves and so on.





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