Adventure Sports In Kokernag And Kokernag Adventure Activities Guide

Kokernag or Kukernag is in Bringhi valley in Anantnag district and is about 70 KMs from Srinagar. Situated at an height of above 2000 mts. above sea level, Kokernag is a tourist destination near Srinagar. The word Kokernag is made of 'Koker' which means a fowl and 'nag' which means a cobra and the name is because of an ancient lore. Kashmir's largest freshwater spring Papashudan Nad is in Kokernag and it is believed to be a miracle cure for many maladies. It is also an established trout hatchery and tourists enjoy the freshly caught fish prepared in a variety of ways.
Some of the adventure sports in Kokernag that you can enjoy:

Adventure Trout Fishing in Kokernag:
Trout are a quite popular game fish and many state wildlife agencies keep ponds, lakes and streams with trout for the anglers to catch. One can enjoy trout fishing adventure sports in Kokernag between April and September. The best destinations for fishing is Kokernag. For the avid fishermen, high altitude lakes for fishing would be a great way to spend time. Trout fishing in Kokernag has various rules to adhere to. People need a license to enjoy this sport. There is also a limit to the number of fish people can take. The permit and license need to be with the person throughout the sport. No sharing, sub letting of fish is allowed here and the kind of food and rods used is also discussed. Other rules need to be known beforehand to keep the authenticity of the sport. This is also to keep a healthy spirit amongst people and not abuse the power of the sport. This place has some amazing trout fishing experiences to offer you.

Adventure Horse Riding in Kokernag:
Horse riding is quite famous adventure sports in Kokernag mainly because the environment and the beauty of the place. One can take in the dazzling splendor of India through Kashmir itself. The emerald blue waters and breathtaking snow capped mountains are a treat to watch while horse riding. Summer is the best time for adventure sports horse riding in Kokernag. The best places for Horse riding in Kashmir is Kokernag. Tourists can come for a horse ride without any prior stresses as the guides be with them all the time. It would be best to hire a horse through a tourist office as there may be times, the local horse owners may charge higher prices. Hiring a horse from the tourist office is also important for safety purposes, for instance, any accidents can be looked after. Horse Riding is the most exciting adventure sports in Kokernag.

Adventure Botanical Garden in Kokernag:
An exceptionally excellent and extraordinary garden, Botanical Garden is an absolute necessity visit fascination of the place. It is honored with rich verdure and is loaded with a great deal of assortments of delightful Alpine, Rose, Tropical plants and around one thousand captivating and beguiling plants and trees. The delight garden of peaceful magnificence lies against the scenery of high and thick pine backwoods. This garden is extremely outstanding in Kokernag as well as in whole Jammu Kashmir state also. A different segment including wild vegetation of the valley is kept up in this garden. Present day impacts like rosary, Japanese extensions over the spouting water stream, water lakes, live garden seats, topiary work and so on are purposes of fascination in the garden. You have a better way to enjoy the scenery in such an adventure sports in Kokernag. The garden is situated in Anantnag locale in Jammu and Kashmir at an elevation of two thousand and twenty meters' stature.





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