Adventure Sports In Arambol And Arambol Adventure Activities Guide

If you are wishing to spend some moments in solitude appreciating the exquisiteness of a pristine coastline, then Arambol Beach is the perfect destination to be in Goa. It is relatively unexploited by tourists and perfect spot for going to enjoy a day in sun with your folks. Also known as Harmal Beach, the place is a heaven for those searching for some quietness and solitude. The shoreline has a long sandy extend with soft white sands. The beach is considered most favorite for some long-staying budget travelers.

One of the popular activities here is dolphin sighting organized by local fishermen. Along the coast, tourists can find a few shops sell clothes, junk jewelry and handicrafts from Goa and other parts of the country. Tourists at Arambol beach can indulge in a number of interesting adventure sports such as meditation, ayurvedic massages, yoga and shopping. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you can partake in water sports like paragliding at the beach. Kite surfing is also slowly becoming quite popular adventure sports in Arambol.

Adventure Paragliding in Arambol:
Above you is the endless stretch of sky, same can be said about the sea down under! But you are neither touching the sky nor the water, instead you are sailing between the two. Right over the sandy Arambol beach in Goa, you fly sky high.

Your flight starts from a cliff located between Arambol and Harmal beaches, and as you take off wonderful view of the mountains and plains will capture your eyes, accompanying the long shoreline of the pristine beach. late September and early June is the Best time for the exciting adventure sports in Arambol.

Adventure Kite Surfing in Arambol:
Kite Surfing is a combination of surfing, jet skiing and wakeboarding. This sport is quite challenging and is open only to adults. This sport must be practised under the supervision of trainers to manoeuvre the power kite. Kitesurfing can be done preferably in the morning during the season when the winds are not too gusty and aid the surfing process. This is adventure sports in Arambol for you.





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