Adventure Sports In Hanuman Tibba And Hanuman Tibba Adventure Activities Guide

Hanuman tibba is a wonderful pyramid peak rising at 5940m, located at Beas Kund glacier in Dhauladhar Range, in the North of Manali above Solang valley. It is famous among climbers and adventure seekers. The peak demands fair amount of endurance and stamina to conquer it. The importance and the popularity of the peak could be understood with fact that the Western Himalayan mountaineering institute at Manali, used to take its participants of advance course to this summit.This peak is more clear when you travel to Rohtang pass. It is not the highest peak in Manali region but as other peak it gives suitable peak climbing experience.
Some of the adventure sports in Hanuman Tibba that you can enjoy.

Adventure Heli skiing in Hanuman Tibba:
Heli skiing is a lot more adventurous, exciting and fun version of regular skiing, which involves a helicopter ride to take you to greater heights, that usually are not accessible by road or foot. Heli skiing starts from relatively higher altitudes and it is meant only for the ultra-adventurous ones! Not just the heights and the distance, but ecstatic skiers can also experience better snow and perfect weather while indulging in some real skiing escapades.

The top-most spot in Heli skiing destinations list in India is bagged by Hanuman Tibba in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Heli skiing is the most exciting adventure sports in Hanuman Tibba. Not only is this place extremely beautiful, it also is the home to the ideal “powder snow”, which serves as a supreme gliding bed for Heli skiing, which, here is better than anywhere else in the world. This is what makes Hanuman Tibba stand out amongst other Heli skiing spots around the world.

Adventure Mountaineering & Rock Climbing in Hanuman Tibba:
Mountaineering and Rock Climbing adventure sports in Hanuman Tibba is best enjoyed at the Himalayan Ranges. The activities of Mountaineering and Rock Climbing require considerable strength, stamina and mental endurance. With the permission from tourism board, mountaineers can enjoy this incredible activity which also full of great fun and thrill. Hanuman Tibba is great adventure and scenic locations.





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