Adventure Sports In Pahalgam And Pahalgam Adventure Activities Guide

Pahalgam is a beautiful valley, and the Lidder River running through it makes it even more picturesque. The quaint town of Pahalgam is a scenic paradise, located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. Hundreds of miles away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Pahalgam serves as a delightful retreat for all, from adventure junkies to religious people. Enjoy a pony ride atop the steep hills or undertake a thrilling trek from Aru. Be mesmerized by the vastness of the snow-capped Kolahoi Glacier. You can also visit the nearby Amarnath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, attracting thousands of devotees annually. Some of the adventure sports in Pahalgam that you can enjoy. Pahalgam also offers a host of adventure and sports activities, such as river rafting, skiing, and golf.

Adventure Trekking in Pahalgam:
The city of Pahalgam is not only home to nature's surreal beauty but also a place that offers many exciting opportunities for adventure sports lovers. And one of them is trekking, which is a highly thrilling and challenging experience. Trekking is the most adventure sports in Pahalgam. There are many trekking routes in the region including Kolahoi Glacier, Amarnath Holy Cave, Sheshnag, Chanadanwari, Tulian Lake, Tarsar Lake and Marsar Lake. Out of these, the trek to Kolahoi Glacier which is at a height of 18000 feet is the most famous and nerve-wracking one. The rugged terrains and rocky slopes are perfect for any adventure lover to feel the adrenaline rush he has been seeking. This, against the backdrop of greenish-blue ice with brown rocky mountains is definitely an experience worth living.

Adventure Trout Fishing in Pahalgam:
Fishing in the River Lidder for fresh trout is a popular adventure sports in Pahalgam. Don't forget to get a permit from the Directorate of Fisheries before trying the sport. The permit is valid for a maximum of three days.

For some time away from the hustle bustle of the city life, the most fun activity to do in the city of Pahalgam is fishing. There are many companies that organize this activity and provide all the necessary equipments like fishing rods for the activity. There will also be a well-trained guide provided to you who will assist and direct you if you haven't tried fishing before. It is very relaxing to sit by the side of the river soaking in the beauty of the mountains and hearing the sounds of the flowing water and chirping birds in the background. And the moment you are successful in catching a fish, it feels like you have won the world. It is a perfect example of how tiny things can bring great joy in life at times.

Adventure Whitewater Rafting in Pahalgam:
If you are an adventure lover who has been craving for some adrenaline rush, then you should definitely try adventure sports white water rafting in Pahalgam. Whitewater Rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in Pahalgam. The activity is an experiential treat to all adventure lovers offering an opportunity to face different levels of challenges. The most famous spot for white water rafting is the Aru Branch of Lidder River. If you are the daring type and looking for a highly challenging experience, you can choose category 3 and 4 rapids while if you are looking for something smoother, go for category 1. Also, while doing this activity, you have the opportunity of soak in the entire Pahalgam Valley in one go, which is truly a delightful experience. So, next time your adventurous soul is craving some action, you know where you want to be.

The twisty Lidder River poses a different kind of challenge from that of the rocky mountains locking the land. Rafting is organised at the upper region of Lidder where water rushes on, frothy and icy. Whitewater rafting is another unique way to see the Pahalgam valley – all in one go!

Adventure Golfing in Pahalgam:
Those who are enthusiasts of the sport of golfing are in for a treat in the city of Pahalgam. The city houses a 9-hole golf course, also called 'Plateau' by the locals, perched at a height of 7800 feet which is truly a mesmerizing sight to enjoy the sport. Surrounded by the surreal view of the mountains disappearing into the clouds, the golf course if definitely a thing of beauty that can make even those who have never played the sport before try it. One can rent the golfing equipments inside the course and also buy refreshments in between the activity. Do visit the golf course of Pahalgam City at least once to enjoy playing or watching the relaxing sport.

Adventure Picnicking in Pahalgam:
A town far away from the chaos of city life, Pahalgam is a dream for travellers. A picnic by the Lidder River, a walk down the town's market or an idyllic stroll in the valley; all of these offer zero stress. Pahalgam is also a favourite with starry-eyed couples. Taking long walks in the wooded forests is probably the most romantic thing you can do here. Other "together" activities include visiting ancient temples in Mamal or taking a pony ride and riding in to the sunset together.

Adventure Horse Riding in Pahalgam:
Pahalgam is a city blessed with boundless natural beauty, and the best way to enjoy these wonders of nature is by sitting back and relaxing on a horse ride. Horse riding is one of the most popular adventure sports in Pahalgam, and horses and ponies are easily available on rent in almost all parts of the city. One can take a horse ride to Baisaran Meadow, which is a beautiful place surrounded by palm trees against the backdrop of snow-covered mountains. A horse ride can also be done on the rugged tracks leading up to Tulian Lake. Many tourists who are not capable of enjoying the complete beauty of Kashmir on foot rent a horse, and let themselves indulge all their senses in the surreal beauty of this place.



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