Adventure Sports In Mandawa And Mandawa Adventure Activities Guide

While Mandawa is full of historic mansions with beautifully painted walls which leave the visitors awestruck, there can be more to this town than sightseeing if one has the enthusiasm and the spirit of a true explorer. The beauty of this city doesn't constrain itself within the walls of those mansions built centuries ago but outflows through the traditions and cultures of the people. Here is the list of some of the things one must lay his hands on to add feathers to his hat.

Seeing the best places and wonderful attractions around the city will not complete a trip to Mandawa but pone must not miss taking part in a few entertaining things to do in Mandawa during the holiday. There are various outdoor activities in which every enthusiast traveler must take part during their visit to Mandawa. Apart from exploring the architectural marvels and the appealing constructions in Mandawa travelers need to take part in a few activities that offer a great fun and merriment.
Some of the adventure sports in Mandawa that you can enjoy.

Adventure Cycling Tour in Mandawa:
Referred to as the Mandawa, the capital of Rajasthan constantly lures several national and international tourists. In Mandawa city tour, one can dabble with the rich history along with grandeur of Maharajas and royal families. The same is beautifully displayed in the architecture. Further lending the royal land a distinct charm is the vibrant and well preserved culture along with delectable authentic cuisine. Making way through the distinct bustling bazaars over here is also quite an experience.

Adventure Camel Safari in Mandawa:
Camel Safari is the most exciting adventure sports in Mandawa. The gateway to the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, where every home bears exquisitely painted wall murals. Admire the beautiful murals in the magnificent havelis (large stately homes) lining the streets of Mandawa. Of particular interest are the Saraf haveli, the havelis of Chokhani and Ladia, the double haveli of the Goenkas and the Binsidhar Newatia haveli. Your camel ride would cover all these beautiful havelis and take you further to Castle Mandawa for a royal affair with history and extravagant luxuries!!!

Adventure Horse Safari in Mandawa:
Horse Safari Mandawa a wonderful way to discover this beautiful region of northern India. Horse Safari is a popular adventure sports in Mandawah. It is a mix between cultural discoveries, beautiful scenery, and lots of equestrian fun. Before the adventure really begins, you will reach the small village of Dundlod to meet your beautiful Marwari horses that are strong-willed, energetic and courageous. On horseback, you will cross the villages of Ajitgarh, Mandawa and Mehensar where you will visit traditional and famous havelis (houses) of Shekhawati.





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