Adventure Sports In Manasbal And Manasbal Adventure Activities Guide

Nature's Wonders are many and indescribable! Among such marvels, the Manasbal Lake shines as one of the exotic lakes in Kashmir. It's a popular tourist destination. It is just 30km away from Srinagar on the way to Wular Lake. The beautiful lotus flowers which bloom in the shimmering water of Manasbal not only makes it scenic but also provides a livelihood for the people. In summer the lake, which averages 12 metres deep, is covered with lotus flowers and in winter it is a bird watchers paradise as it is one of the largest natural haunts of aquatic birds in Kashmir. The Baladar Mountain overlooks the lake's eastern bank while on its northern bank are the ruins of Darogabagh. The ruins of a 17th century fort, called the Darogabagh and Jharokha garden on the northern shore of the lake are attractions for tourists. Apart from natural beauty and bird watching activity, tourists can also enjoy adventure sports in Manasbal like boat riding, water skiing, fishing and many more.

Adventure Shikara Ride in Manasbal:
A shikara ride is the most relaxing and soothing aspect of holidaying in Manasbal Lake. Shikaratrips and the houseboats in Manasbal Lake's water bodies is the quintessential reason why many people come to Manasbal Lake. it is the most romantic aspect of a Manasbal Lake tour also. Each boat is a flat bottomed boat with a cloth canopy. Shikara ride on Manasbal Lake is fascinating. Shikara Ride is a popular adventure sports in Manasbal lake.Manasbal Lake also have some beautiful spots that are accessible by boats only. The scenery around all the lakes is breath-taking. Don't erupt in joy unless you put yourself in danger. The boatman are very experienced, however to catch the true essence of the rhythmic glide on water, to be calm and relaxed is the best way.

Adventure Water Skiing in Manasbal:
Water skiing is considered to be one of the major extreme adventuresports in Manasbal. Similar to surfing in many ways, you do get to balance on the ski board in here too, but a strong a sensory power is also required over here too. The Manasbal Lake, 32km from Srinagar are the best places for water-skiing. Serene, with a mirror like sheen on its surface makes Manasbal an attractive water sports resort. Not only one can hire the latest water-skiing equipment but also specially trained instructors impart lessons to the initiated. Throughout the summer season in Kashmir from May to the end of August the water of the lakes is pleasant for water sports.





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